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Interactive art exhibit gives voice to Polish children of WWII, and Indiana governor defends Religious Freedom Law listen

03/31/15 Rob Lorei
MidPoint with WMNF News Tuesday
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Today on Radioactivity we talk with Wojtek Sawa, a Polish-born visual artist based out of Sarasota. Sawa is the the author of The Wall Speaks - Voices of the Unheard, an interactive multimedia exhibit currently on display at The Florida Holocaust Museum. The exhibit tells the story of the Polish experience of World War II, of a country that at one point was simultaneous besieged by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Like many Polish families, Sawa's was personally affected by the war; His f...

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Interviews with Two Veterans: Former Congressman Sam Gibbons and Veterans for Peace Activist Dwight Lawton

11/11/10 Robert Lorei
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Thursday)
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Good afternoon. I'm Rob Lorei. It's Veteran's Day and today we have two interviews with former members of the US military.

First up retired Tampa Congressman Sam Gibbons who was a young paratrooper during D-Day in WWII.

Later we'll hear from Dwight Lawton of St. Petersburg. Lawton served on a US Navy destroyer in the early 1950's reaching the rank of lieutenant. For many years he's been active in peace and social justice causes- including as a leader with the group Veterans for Peace....

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