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St. Pete protesters tell motorists to move their money out of big banks listen

11/07/11 Janelle Irwin
WMNF Drive-Time News Monday
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Bank of America may have changed their mind about charging fees to customers for using their debit cards, but that didn’t stop protesters in St. Pete from encouraging customers to ditch the banking giant. The group waved signs at a busy Bank of America in Northeast St. Petersburg on Saturday afternoon.

Remember, Remember the fifth of November. The phrase originates from an early 17th cen...


The Looting of America?

01/05/10 Robert Lorei
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Tuesday)
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Our next guest is Jonathan Tasini, author of The Audacity of Greed: Free Markets, Corporate Theives, and the Looting of America (Ig Publishing). In his book Tasini writes: "Over the past quarter century, we have lived through the greatest looting of wealth in human history. While billions of dollars streamed into the pockets of a few elites in the corporate and economic class, the vast majority of citizens have lived through a period of falling wages, disappearing pensions, and dwindling b...


A financial insider's view of the mortgage crisis

01/06/09 Robert Lorei
Alan Watts

Good afternoon. I'm Rob Lorei. On the first part of Radioactivity we'll hear from the author of a new book called The Foreclosure of America: The Inside Story of the Rise and Fall of Countrywide Home Loans, the Mortgage Crisis, and the Default of the American Dream by Adam Michaelson. It's an insider account about the mortgage crisis.

Michaelson, a former senior vice president at Countrywide Home Loans, offers a glimpse inside the real estate bubble, answering the question everybody ha...

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