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Interest in Tampa's urban forest is growing listen

10/06/11 Josh Holton
WMNF Drive-Time News Thursday
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Last night about a dozen Tampa residents met to think about how useful trees can be for the City of Tampa. Tampa is turning over a new leaf with a new tree inventory for its urban forest.

Tampa is always aspiring to be an urban center these days it seems, but some say trees still play a valuable role for the City. Sure, they provide shade and air to breathe, but Director of Parks and Recreation Karen Palus said they can also help the economy.

Supervisor of Natural Resources for the Par...

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Will longleaf pines help economy and environment in warmer future? listen

01/22/10 Seán Kinane
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday
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A new report from the National Wildlife Federation finds that a common Florida tree holds ecological and economic promise in a warmer future. The report is called Standing Tall: How Restoring the Longleaf Pine Can Help Prepare the Southeast for Global Warming.

WMNF spoke with Eric Palola, Senior Director of Forests for Wildlife at the National Wildlife Federation.

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