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Midtown St. Pete Wal-Mart draws applicants by the hundreds listen

10/07/13 Janelle Irwin
WMNF Drive-Time News Monday
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Wal-Mart will open a neighborhood market in midtown St. Petersburg by January, providing 95 jobs and the area’s only grocery store. Monday morning more than 200 people stood in intermittent rain waiting for their chance to apply for one of the spots in the new store. Mary Cummings got there at 6:30 to beat the crowd. The elderly African-American woman said from a lawn chair that she already has a job at a laundry mat, but isn’t making enough money to support herself.

Standing next to her w...

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South St. Pete voters: what enthusiasm gap? listen

11/02/10 Kate Bradshaw
WMNF Drive-Time News Tuesday
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This year, there’s much talk of an “enthusiasm gap,” even though many admit there’s no way to accurately predict who’s going to show up at the polls. With factors like rainy weather supposedly influencing voter turnout, only time will tell who’s voting today, and for which candidates. Today WMNF spoke with voters at several south St. Petersburg precincts that overwhelmingly supported Obama in 2008, to find out if Democratic support was still there despite this being an off year....

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Memories of the old 22nd Street South listen

03/18/09 Andrea Lypka
WMNF Drive-Time News Wednesday
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The economic and cultural renaissance of the historic 22nd Street South in St. Petersburg takes community and city effort. And changes can already be seen.

New mom-and-pop businesses, schools, a bank, and new neighborhoods rise in Midtown. Will this place thrive again?

Many activists fought and fight for the revitalization of this district: Peggy Peterman, Rosalie Peck and Jon Wilson, council member Wengay Newton, and the list goes on.

Back in 1965, Peggy Peterman often wrote abou...

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Happy Workers listen

12/24/08 Andrea Lypka
WMNF Drive-Time News Wednesday
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Gertrude Jones has been a teacher at the Happy Workers Children’s Center in midtown St. Petersburg for 34 years. The daycare was founded by Willie Lee McAdams, the wife of Pastor Oscar McAdams in the Trinity Presbyterian Church in 1929.

The center started in the storeroom of the church on 920 19th St. S. and expanded into what it is today, she says. Even though 90 percent of the children are “poor and minority,” 90 percent of them achieve at or above grade level, according to 2008 ...

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