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U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor is in Cuba; will lean about their environment, economy and culture

04/04/13 Seán Kinane & Janelle Irwin
WMNF Drive-Time News Thursday
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Tampa-area member of Congress Kathy Castor is in Cuba on what her office calls a fact-finding visit. The Democrat traveled to the socialist island Wednesday and will learn about Cuba's economy, culture, human rights and environment.

While on her trip Castor will speak with the ministry of tourism and a professor of gender studies.

She’ll spend time in Old Havana with small business owners to encoura...

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WMNF interview with Party for Socialism and Liberation presidential candidate Peta Lindsay listen

10/26/12 Seán Kinane
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday
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There are twelve presidential candidates on the Florida ballot, not counting write-ins. You know about the Democrat and the Republican and we’ve also brought you the voices of the presidential candidates from the Libertarian, Green, Constitution and Justice Parties. But there’s also a new political party called the [Party for Socialism and Liberation](http://www.pslweb...

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Socialist Party candidate on Ohio ballot listen

08/22/08 Seán Kinane
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday
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Hernando County resident Brian Moore is the Socialist Party USA’s nominee for president. Like candidates from other alternative parties, Moore has had trouble gaining ballot access. But in a major victory yesterday, a U.S. District Court Judge told the state of Ohio that Moore’s name must appear on the state’s ballot.

WMNF spoke to Moore by phone from his home in Spring Hill last night.

“…They should enable us to be qualified on the [Florida] ballot for the general election i...


To what extent is China communist?

08/13/08 Robert Lorei
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Wednesday)
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Next up, a look at the economic and human rights situation in China. We’ll hear an interview with Doug Guthrie, a leading scholar on China.

Guthrie is a professor of sociology at New York University. He’s the author of several books on China including Dragon in a Three-Piece Suit: The Emergence of Capitalism in China. In the wake of the massive media coverage of the Olympics in China, there were big missing questions: to what extent is China’s government communist, how much freed...

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Brian Moore – Socialist Party USA Presidential Candidate listen

06/13/08 Seán Kinane
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday
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Last fall, while the presidential hopefuls from the two major parties were gearing up for a season of primary elections, the Socialist Party USA chose Brian Moore as its 2008 presidential nominee.

Moore of Spring Hill, FL, beat out four other Socialist Party USA candidates on the third ballot at the national convention in St. Louis last October. But unlike Democrats and Republicans, the elected nominee from the Socialist Party USA, one of several socialist parties in the country, does not...

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