Cheryl to feature the "Tan Canary" for his birthday on the Saturday Soulful Soiree

Saturday Soulful Soiree Jan 04 2014 7:00PM - 9:00PM Add to Calendar

Listen Again


Johnny Adams had perhaps the smoothest soulful voice this side of Sam Cooke. Hear for yourself as Cheryl plays some of his most classic tunes. A few original tunes of well known songs you only thought were originals. You will be surprised. Plus some outstanding new artists & releases as you've come to expect on Saturday evening. Looking for early pledges for February's fund drive. A pair of tickets to the Sunshine Music/Blues Festival on January 19th can be yours for a $100 donation. Also you for sure want to be the first at the beach or the pool with the brand spanking new WMNF Beach Towel pictured above. Be the first to pledge $100 for this sure to be classic. You've just got to have one !!!

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