NYT Bestselling Author Katz--With New Book On Dogs--on Talking Animals Oct. 17

Talking Animals Oct 17 2012 9:00AM - 10:00AM Add to Calendar

My guest on "Talking Animals" Oct. 17 will be Jon Katz, New York Times bestselling author, most recently of “Dancing Dogs.”

Katz has written 21 books--including eight novels and 12 nonfiction books--and “Dancing Dogs” represents his first collection of short stories.

On his blog, Katz described “Dancing Dogs,” in part, as exploring “the emotional connection between people—mostly dogs, but cats and other animals as well. It explores the real lives of real people, some struggling but celebrates the importance of dogs and cats in their lives.”

Jon Katz will speak with us live on "Talking Animals" on Oct. 17 at 11am, and listeners are invited to participate in the conversation by calling (813-239-9663) or e-mailing (DJ@wmnf.org).







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