Jangle goes "Twangle" for The Junction's AMERICANA Extravaganza New Year's Special !

Jangle Junction Jan 02 2013 4:00AM - 6:00AM Add to Calendar

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TWANGLE? Well, "JANGLE" is a certain type of guitar sound beloved by Jangle Junction and "TWANG" is a word well associated with many Americana artists... thus... TWANGLE JUNCTION is BORN! Who'd a known that TWANGLE has its own Urban Dictionary meaning: "That weird feeling you get when you are expecting to experience a certain thing, but experience something else instead..."

Tune in for the unexpected Wednesday, January 2 from 4-6 a.m. for the absolute best in Americana, Triple A (Adult Album Alternative), and comedic fun from down home funny folk and the Kaleidoscopic Mind of KTUF!

TWANGLE JUNCTION hosted by KTUF... That's ME!

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THE BEST???? THIS SHOW SUCKS!! You can only think of 2 women (in a 2-HOUR show) who are good Americana musicians?