Exploring how **Social Media** effects our lives

The Urban Cafe May 12 2013 9:00AM - 10:00AM Add to Calendar

On Sunday May 12th The Urban Café will take a look at how Social Media effects our lives.

We will also discuss how it started, how it's used and mis-used. Our crew will explore how young people use it to communicate and why some older people are afraid to use it. Other topics will include how social media is use for business, dating and saving lives. We will narrow our focus to My Space, Face-book, You-tube, Twitter, Linked-In, Instagram and Snap-Chat. Although there are so many others, we only have 1 hour so If you have questions, comments or concerns share them here in the comment section or visit our website for more info. and interaction at [www.885urbancafe.com][1]

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