Political discussion with Mabili Ogun.

  • Host : , MabíliO "Minister of Public Affairs"
  • Program no longer active

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REVOLUTION TIME is now The Urban Café

The Urban Café is a new radio magazine airing Sunday mornings from 9 until 10 a.m. [ET]. All part of the new schedule! tune in for wide-ranging discussion (following The Temple of Hip Hop and NPR news headlines) on **WMNF Radio 88.5 fm** SUPPORT WMNF *KEEP PUBLIC RADIO INDEPENDENT*

The Urban Café begins, MabíliO joins the Sunday Forum

Join MabíliO Monday, February 11 at 4:30 pm for "Last Call" right after the WMNF Drive-Time News on WMNF


MabíliO "Minister of Public Affairs"

MabíliO, Minister of Public Affairs and Information, MultiMedia Innovations [AKA] Mabíli Ajaní Oguniyí

2007 News and Public Affairs Programmer of the Year for Critical Times WMNF

MabíliO is available for speaking at your Public Affairs Events.

WMNF 88five FM: Powered by the People!


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