Step Outside Playlist for January 15, 2014

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Step Outside Theme
Joe Meek I Hear a New World I Hear a New World
set break
Joe Meek Dribcots Space Boat I Hear a New World
Oskar Sala Concertando rubato from Elektronische Tanzsuite the early gurus of electronic music 1948-1980
Dick Hyman Topless Dancers of Corfu Moog: The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman
Perry and Kingsly Swan's Splash Down Incredibly Strange Music
set break
Hukwe Zawose Ibarikiwe Mungu Yupo Duniani Chibite
Mahala Rai Banda Morceau D'Amour/Spoitoresa(Russ and Roc Remix) 20 Ways to Float Through Walls
Alarm Will Sound/Mochipet Dessert Search for Techno Baklava a/rythmia
Zuco 103 Duele Le Fe (featuring Dani Macaco) 20 Ways to Float Through Walls
set break
Sonar Structure 3.7 A Flaw of Nature
Diego Barber Hugo Cipress Walk Compositions by...
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John Moran Tate House (Early Morning), The Prosecutor, at Death Train Station Five (The Tate House). Subject: The Beatles The Manson Family an Opera
Robert Moran The Nightmare The Dracula Diary an Opera Macabre
Jason Moran Artists Ought to Be Waiting Artist In Residence
Noah Creshevsky Spring The Four Seasons
Neil B. Rolnick Excerpt from Balkanization Imaginary Landscapes
Joan La Barbara Erin EAR Magazine Presents: Absolute #3 Improvization/Composition
set break
Frank Zappa Dio Fa Civilization Phaze III