Step Outside Playlist for March 05, 2014

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Step Outside Theme
Leona Anderson Fish Single
Primus Last Salmon Man Green Naugahyde
Louis Jordan sat. nite fish fry best of
Brian Eno Little Fishes Another Green World
Earl van Dyke and the Funk Brothers Too Many Fish in the Sea
set break
Matte Henderson with Marco Minnimann So Much More (Killiing) The Veneer of Logic
King Crimson Dig Me Three of A Perfect Pair
Secret Chiefs 3 Drive Book of Souls: Folio A
Noah Creshevsky IV. Interlude 2 The Four Seasons
set break
Dr John Litanie Des Saints Goin Back to New Orlean
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band Voodoo Voodoo
Louis Armstrong West End Blues 100 Hits Legends
Dr John Zu Zu Mamou The Sun, Moon and Herbs
Louis Prima Basin Street Blues-When It's Sleepy Time Downtown Collectors Series
Dr John Black Widow Spider Babylon
set break
Robert Ashley Tarzan Improvement
Robert Ashley Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon Automatic Writing
Robert Ashley The Offering of Images Improvement
set break
Max Lifchitz Dos Danzas: Danza Rebelde Rhythmic soundscape
McCormick Percussion Group Moppet Concerti for Piano with Percussion Orchestra
Max Lifchitz Rhythmic Soundscape No. 6, I. Incantaion Ars Nostra
Robert Ashley Automatic Writing Automatic Writing