Music of the Isles Playlist for April 17, 2014

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Enter the Haggis The Death Of Johnny Mooring Gutter Anthems & Road Warriors
The Gloworms Worms Meet Moths [English Ceilidh Medley]: kit Whites I & II The Imagined Village (various artists)
Hanz Araki Month Of January Little Fires
Burning Bridget Cleary Stor Mo Chroi (song) / Eddie Kelly's Pressed For Time
Glengarry Bhoys MacPherson's Rant Eight
set break
Rachael McShane The Broomfield Wager No Man's Fool
Gregory Grene Austin Tunes: Jim and Mary's / Book-A-Boat Box / Louisiana Lady FlipSides
Ron Kavana The Kilshannig Wager Home Fire
francis black Ho Ro M'Inion Donn Bhoidheach This Love Will Carry [Hits]
set break
Great Big Sea Captain Kidd The Hard And The Easy
Girsa Captain Captain A Sweeter Place
Garry Walsh Wet The Tea / The Minister's Hole / The Humours Of Lisslevane (jigs) Penny Trumpets
Eagle McCall Henry Martin Song Of The Seas
set break
Hannah Sanders & Liz Simmons Bird In The Bush World Begun
Gan Bua Missing You Gan Bua
Abby Green The Boatman (Fear An Bhata) Fig For A Kiss
GiveWay Blue Bonnets Over The Border Full Steam Ahead
set break
Derek Warfield Brian Boru, The Lion Of Ireland Legacy
Ron Kavana The Vikings and Brian Boru [spoken] Irish Ways: The story of Ireland in song, music and poetry
JIM McCANN The Battle Of Clontarf (Brian Boru's March) THE COLLECTION
C├ęcile Corbel Brian Boru (Renaissance) Renaissance: Songbook Vol. 3
Maurice Lennon Epilogue - Extracts from 'Kincora' [spoken] Brian Boru, The High King of Tara: A Musical Tribute
set break
Dervish Snoring Biddy The Thrush In The Storm
Gavin Coyle The City Of Chicago Three
Gough, Clancy, Bracken & McCarthy Within A Mile Of Dublin / The Maghera Mountains / Paddy Fahy's Sessions Found 1995-2002
Frances Wilkins & Claire White Rough Diamond Blyde Lasses: Shetland songs and tunes
set break
Richard Thompson So Ben Mi Ch'a Bon Tempo Electric