Two Worlds Indigenous Radio Playlist for November 11, 2012

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Kiowa Kiowa Flag Song Traditional Kiowa Songs
XIT End? Plight Of The Redman
Leonard Peltier My Name My Life Is My Sun Dance
jTony Duncan Taos Round Dance Earth Warrior
Midnite Express Teen Girl's Fancy Generations of Change
Thunder Hill Teen Boy's Straight Generations of Change
Sissy Goodhouse Women's Veteran Song The Third Circle
Black Lodge Soldier Boy Veterans' Honor Songs
Honey Dawn Karima Southern Skinz The Desire Of Nations
Tamara Standing Strong Tamara
Mitch Walking Elk Sure Dont Look Good In Orange Up From The Ashes
Eagle Whistles Lakota Horse Song In Dinetah
Jackie Bird In Your Heart Lady
Rushingwind & Mucklow Tears For A Warrior Fallen Bridge
Louie Gonnie Soldier's Lament Songs Of The Sacred Circle
Dennis Banks/ Kitaro Dont Cry Let Mother Earth Speak
Blackfire AIM Song Silence is a Weapon
Russell Means AIM Is Still Alive Electric Warrior
Radmilla Cody She's My Hero- Ode to Lori Piestewa Spirit of A Woman
Paula Nelson It's Going To Rain CHANT
Medicine Tail Our Land Family
Kianwe Be OK
Native Brotha Super Mahk Lyrica Jchi
Talisman Going Home Going Home
Deer Clan Singers Friendship Dance Deers R Us
High Noon Veteran's Song generations
Nakoa Heavy Runner Someday Brothers
Red Cloud My People Hawthorne's Most Wanted
David Hughes Breaking Up 2012: Going All The Way
Cary Morin War, So Much Trouble Sing It Louder
Black Lodge World War 1& 2 Veterans' Honor Songs