Six Stringed Assault Playlist for September 23, 2012

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mister loveless punk like me grow up
set break
OFF! feelings are meant to be hurt satan did not appear
corin tucker band groundhog day kill my blues
Royal Headache pity Royal Headache
set break
Cult of Youth golden age love will prevail
Pale Fountains jean's not happening you tube
Moon Duo sleepwalker circles
the orwells all the cool kids remember when
set break
amanda palmer and the grand theft orchestra do it with a rockstar theatre is evil
dresden dolls shores of california yes, virginia
set break
dark time sunshine can't wait ANX
blackburner in love with the city (f/t geri x) planet earth attack
set break
Prince dirty mind Dirty Mind
MNDR #1 in heaven #1 in heaven
Light Asylum heart of dust light asylum
set break
kitten cut it out cut it out
set break
primal scream i want you you tube
primal scream miss lucifer evil heat
set break
nerd revolt couldn't steal my fire nerd revolt
onuinu always akward mirror gazer
eraas a presence eraas
Bonde Do Role kilo tropicalbacanal
set break
the soft pack saratoga strapped
Crystal Stilts The SinKing Alight of Night
pacific uv the archduke ep
My bloody valentine honey power you tube
set break
Sonic Youth i dreamed i dream you tube
Dinosaur Jr yeah we know Bug
set break
Die So Fluid mercury the world is too big for one lifetime
set break
in this moment blood you tube