Saturday Asylum Playlist for February 22, 2014

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Mountain Goats The Alphonse Mambo The Coroners Gambit
Devo Girl U Want Freedom of Choice
Unrest Make Out Club Facing The Other Way Volume 2 (1990-1999)
Yellow Ostrich Shades Cosmos
lambchop Grumpus Nixon
Work Drugs The Good In Goodbye Insurgents
the casket girls Day To Day true love kils the fairy tale
Dum Dum Girls rimbaud eyes Too True
warpaint Biggy Warpaint
Plus/Minus Toe The Line Jumping The Tracks
Hospitality I Miss Your Bones Trouble
Thumpers Unkinder (A Tougher Love) Galore
Bombay Bicycle Club It's Alright Now So Long, See You Tomorrow
Guided By Voices Littlest League Possible Motivational Jumpsuit
Cloud Nothings I'm Not Part Of Me Here and Nowhere Else
solids Traces blame confusion
September Girls Heartbeats Cursing The Sea
Speedy Ortiz American Horror Real Hair
Royal Bangs Orange Moon Brass
Night Beats Love Ain't Strange (Everything Else Is) Sonic Bloom
Pontiak Lack Lustre Rush Innocence
Sun Kil Moon Pray For Newtown Benji
Bear Hands Moment Of Silence Distraction
Of Montreal She Ain't Speakin' Now Lousy With Sylvianbrier
Gap Dream chill spot Shine Your LIght
Cymbals Erosion The Age Of Fracture
Com Truise Subsonic Wave 1