The Energy Bar Playlist for October 04, 2012

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Bon Jovi living on a prayer It's Out there
Have Gun Will Travel land of the living Post Cards From The Friendly City
Rebekah Pulley Morning Came Too Soon Back to Boogaloo
set break
Damon Fowler Happy Hour Devil Got His Way
Will Quinlan Acrimony Blues Navasota
Johnny Cakes And The 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypso Donkey Rise Of The Pink Flamingos
set break
Dumb Blind Luck Caliente, Baby What's That Potion
Steve Vaclavik and the Woeful One Broken Heart and a Cat Tattoos and Tattered Hearts
Ronny Elliott A Doctor And A Lawyer I've Been Meaning To Write
Sleepy Vikings Corson Park They Will Find You Here
set break
Simply Abigail Let Me Know You live on WMNF International Women's Day
Geri X Work is the Wolf Work is the Wolf
Kirsten & Jasmine Fire & Ice LIVE IN THE STUDIO
NPR News Headlines
Elysian Sex Drive Fascination A Note To The Alchemist
The Human Condition 21 Gun Salute Life In Lines
Unpainted Souls Tampa City Blues Cigar City Fight
set break
Secret Science My Own Damn Tune Noise Ordinance 2
Halycon Real Love Separately Together
Hightower Report
Scone Train Folding chair double cream
Have Gun, Will Travel Dream No More Mergers & Acquisitions
Steve Connoly Kingdom Come Every Monster
set break
Applebutter Express Hand Guns & Hammocks Applebutter Express
Caravan Of Thieves sister went missing The Fun House
Sarah Mac Band Take Me Or Leave Me A Single Revolution
Human Condition Godspeed Life In Lines
set break