Musicians Wanted Playlist for June 09, 2014

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Renee Louise Carafice I Have Some Problems Power Animals
Super Reverb The Technique Is Easy Super Reverb
J Zagers Neighbors Knock Neighbors Knock
Merchandise i locked the door Strange Songs In The Dark
Matthew Sweet & Suzanna Hoffs And Your Bird Can Sing Under The Covers
The Outside World Evan's Riff Night People Compilation
Deluxin' Don't Talk To Mom Like That Chocolate Jam
The Space Lady Major Tom (Unknown)
The Magnetic Fileds Take Ecstacy With Me Obscurities
Preaux Breaux Geauxld Electric Fingertips Split 7" w/Sketon Warrior
Joy Division Digital Unknown Pleasures
The Rolling Stones Have You Seen Your Mother Baby? Through The Past Darkly
D Vassalotti Mirror Book of Ghosts
the Chiffons He's So Fine Compilation
American Snakeskin L.A. Bird Turquoise for Hello
David Bowie Be My Wife Low
Miami Angels In America After Cuts (Unknown)
The Sweet Talks Kye Kye Pe Aware Ghana Sounds
VVQART Hyssopeq Then and eopther and you have 0 answers
Tracey Trance 10th & Stone Lane Pyper Kub
Jessica Rylan Please Come To Meet Me There Less Is More Self Compilation
Mr Transylvania Lil Wherewolf
Russian Tsarlag Phone Booth Midnight At Mary's House
Os Mutantes Nao Va Se Perder Pa Ai Mutantes
The Best Of Mississippi John Hurt Monday Morning Blues Live At Oberlin College
OCS Wait All Night 4
Suicide Magnets 616 Christmas
Oals Share Role Playing Lives
Tyger Beat Let's Get Dangerous Kids, We're Here
Soda Golden Eye Demo
No Milk Telephone Tones Ant Parade/No Milk Retrospective