Grand National Championships Playlist for September 19, 2012

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Ben Kweller Until I Die Ben Kweller
The Kinks Till the End of the Day BBC Sessions (1964 - 1977)
Human Eye Dinosaur Bones Fragments of the Universe Nurse
Sourpatch Never (Ever Ever) Enough Crushin'
Deerhoof The Trouble with Candyhands Breakup Song
set break
Stage Kids hXc West Coast Blues
Grizzly Bear Sleeping Ute Shields
Tom Brock Shake Me, Wake Me I Love You More and More
Clairvoyants Song Against Suicide Your New Boundaries
The Ronettes I Wonder The Best of the Ronettes
set break
Feral Babies Suburban Rage Live on Grand National Championships
Wolf-Face Be a Man! Live on Grand National Championships
Mono The Battle To Heaven Hymn To The Immortal Wind
set break
Chrissy Zebby Tembo Coffin Maker My Ancestors
Neon Blud Neon Anxiety Whipps
Neon Blud BFF Blud Whipps
Squarepusher Shin Triad Music is Rotted One Note
The Blind Shake Hurracan Seriousness
Here We Go Magic Alone But Moving a different ship
set break
Flame Highs and Lows The Flame
Ghost Hospital Head is Gone Live on Grand National Championships
Campfires She Was Done Stormy Late Fall 7"
La Sera Never Come Around La Sera
set break
Alma Contra Poison Dwarf End My Life