Grand National Championships Playlist for March 13, 2014

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Dead Boys What Love Is Young Loud and Snotty
Luxury Mane Wool Natural Beauty
Gino and the Goons Stand Tall 7"
heavy times Skull Hair jacker
Clues Remember Severed Head Clues
set break
Frog Eyes A Flower in a Glove Paul's Tomb: A Triumph
Sic Alps Cement Surfboard Napa Asylum
Swearing At Motorists Still Life With Bottle Rockets Last Night Becomes This Morning
Vertical Scratchers Turn Me Out Daughter of Everything
Royal Headache 2 kinds of love Royal Headache
set break
TacocaT Stereogram nvm
bleeding rainbow Time and Place interrupt
solids Traces blame confusion
OFF! Borrow and Bomb OFF!
Aloha Summer Away Here Comes Everyone
set break
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra Take Away These Early Grave Blues Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light on Everything
Pile Bubblegum dripping
set break
DieAlps Rain Live on Grand National Championships
School of Language Extended Holiday Sea From Shore
the notwist Into Another Tune Close To The Glass
St Vincent Digital Witness st vincent
Cheap Time People Talk Cheap Time
Medications Home is Where We Are Completely Removed
metz Knife in the Water metz
set break
Enon Count Sheep High Society
Eat Skull Dead Horses III
Hella Yubacore tripper
Total Control Rogue Abortion Split w/ Thee Oh Sees