Surface Noise Playlist for April 02, 2014

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Elvis Costello Radio Radio The Very Best of Elvis Costello
Ramones Do You Remember Rock 'n Roll Radio? End of the Century
The Clash Capital Radio One Super Black Market Clash
Joy Division Interzone Heart & Soul
set break
Brian Eno Daddy's Car Single
Can Mushroom Tago Mago
Hot butter Mah-Na, Mah-Na Hot Butter
Brian Eno Burning Airlines Give You So Much More Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)
T. Rex Spaceball Ricochet The Slider
set break
Tubeway Army The Life Machine Tubeway Army
Adrian Belew Big Electric Cat Lone Rhino
Laid Back White Horse Keep Smiling
set break
David Bowie Up The Hill Backwards Scary Monsters
John Keating Life on Mars Space Experience II
Robert Fripp Exposure Exposure
David Byrne and Brian Eno Regiment My Life in the Bush of Ghosts
set break
The Electric Concept Orchestra Je T'aime ... Moi Non Plus Electric Love
Christine Pilzer Ah-Hem-Ho-Uh-Err Ultra Chicks: Volume 1
Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot Comic Strip The Best of Bardot
Jacques Dutronc Hippie Hippie Hourrah Jacques Dutronc
Gillian Hills Maintenant il Téléphone Twistin' The Rock Vol.9
Clothilde La Ballade Du Bossu Swinging Mademoiselles
set break
Kraftwerk Show Room Dummies Trans-Europe Express
Be Bop Deluxe Blazing Apostles Sunburst Finish
The Happy Moog March of the Martians The Happy Moog!
The Moog Machine Spinning Wheel Switched-On Rock 1969
Paul McCartney Temporary Secretary McCartney II
The Plastic Cow The Ballad of John and Yoko Th Plastic Cow Goes MOOOOOOOG
set break
Claude Denjean Honky Cat Open Circuit
Split Enz i got you just can't enough
set break
The Cocktail Mix
Martin Denny Yellow Bird Exotic Moog
Gil Melle Op The Andromeda Strain
Jerry Goldsmith 21st Century House The Illustrated Man
Perrey & Kingsley Swan's Splashdown The Essential Perrey & Kingsley
Cecil Centerburn Catching Game Electronic Toys
set break