Psycho Realms Playlist for September 17, 2012

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Stolen Babies Birthday Song Naught
Encrust Cult Of The Cross From Birth To Soil
set break
Morbid Angel Lord of All Fevers and Plague Altars of Madness
Dying Fetus The Blood Of Power Reign Supreme
Cannibal Corpse To Decompose Evisecertation Plague
Pathology Tyrannical Decay (Single) Tyrannical Decay (Single)
set break
Sepultura Refuse/Resist Chaos A.D.
Tracer Won't Let Die Spaces In Between
Satan's Wrath Slaves of the Inverted Cross Galloping Blasphemy
set break
Mortor Eat lead Shoot 'Em Up
Type O Negative Love You To Death October Rust
set break
Eminence The God Of All Mistakes The God Of All Mistakes
Hightower Report
Three The Word Is Born Of Flame The End Is Begun
set break
Primus Pudding Time Frizzle Fry
Opeth The Devils Orcad Heritage
set break
Pentagram Last Days Here Last Rights
Tarot Wings Of Darkness Spell of Iron
As I Lay Dying Cauterize Awakened
Death Zombie Ritual Scream Bloody Gore
Fleshgod Apocalypse The Forsaking Agony
set break
Oathbreaker Agartha Brethern Bound By Blood
From Ashes Rise Rejoice The End Rejoice The End
Anthrax The Devil You Know Worship Music
Kamelot Karma Karma
Nightwish While Your Lips Are Still Red Greatest Hits
baroness Swollen and Halo Blue Record
Cryptopsy Worship Your Demons Worship Your Demons
Mastodon All The heavy Lifting The Hunter
Pig Destroyer Deathtripper Phantom Limb
The Absence From Your Grave From Your Grave
The Black Dahlia Murder Deathmask Divine Nocturnal
Animaniacs Yakko's Universe Song Animaniacs
Slayer Skeleton Christ Christ Illusion
Song of the South Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Song of the South
Austrian Death Machine Hello California Total Brutal
Austrian Death Machine Get to the Chopper Total Brutal
The Arrogant Worms The War of 1812 the arrogant worms
Texas Hippie Coalition Paw Paw Hill Peacemaker (Advance)
Down Misfortune Teller Down IV Part I The Purple EP
set break
iron horse Fade to Black fade to bluegrass