Psycho Realms Playlist for November 05, 2012

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the sword Seven Sisters Apocryphon
set break
Bison B.C. Clozapine Dream Lovelessness
Dying Fetus Invert The Idols Reign Supreme
set break
WEAPON Vanguard Of The Morning Star Embers and Revelation
Dethklok Impeach God Dethalbum III
Type O Negative Pain Live Netherlands 1997
Slayer Raining Blood Reign in Blood
Obituary Chopped in Half Cause of Death
set break
Graveyard An Industry Of Murder Lights Out
Deftones Leathers (Single) Leathers (Single)
Hightower Report
Belphegor Bondage Goat Zombie Bondage Goat Zombie
Blackguard Firefight Firefight
Blood Bath At the Be Hest of their death Bloodbath
Whitechapel The Somatic Defilement The Somatic Defilement
set break
suicide silence In It's Entirety No Time To Bleed
set break
Nile The Fiends Who Come to Steal the Magick of the Deceased At The Gate Of Sethu
Meshuggah Rational Gaze Nothing
Exodus The Toxic Waltz Fabulous Disaster
Origin Finite Antithesis
Death Living Monstrosity Spiritual Healing
As I Lay Dying A Greater Foundation Awakened
Pantera Walk Vulgar Display of Power
set break
Revocation Existence Is Futile Existence Is Futile
Lamb of God Ruin As the palaces burn
Cannibal Corpse Priests Of Sodom Evisecertation Plague
Make Them Suffer Widower Neverbloom
set break
iron horse Crazy Train black and bluegrass.....tribute to ozzy osbourne