Psycho Realms Playlist for December 24, 2012

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August burns red Carol of the Bells Sleddin' Hill
Cheech & Chong Santa Claus & His Old Lady Christmas
Amon Amarth The Pursuit of Vikings Fate of Norns
set break
Dethklok Crush the Industry Dethalbum III
System Of A Down Ddevil System Of A Down
Rammstein Meinherzbrennt Meinherzbrennt
The HAARP Machine Esoteric Agenda Disclosure
set break
Pantera By Demons Be Driven Vulgar Display of Power
Rage Against the Mahine Bombtrack [Remastered] XX (20th Anniversary Edition)
Aeon Passage to Hell Aeons Black
Aeon Aeons Black Aeons Black
set break
Satan's Wrath Slaves of the Inverted Cross Galloping Blasphemy
Scythia Mattawa Reel For the Bear
set break
Dying Fetus Invert The Idols Reign Supreme
Hightower Report
Slipknot New Abortion Iowa
Death Scream Bloody Gore Scream Bloody Gore
Napalm Death No Mental Effort Death By Manipulation
Lamb of God Desolation Resolution
Choking Victim Living The Laws No Gods/No Managers
The Vile Impurity Bound Eternally Rotting Anathema
Slayer Flesh Storm Christ Illusion
Alpha Decay A New Begining 2012 Demo
Austrian Death Machine Jingle Bells A Very Brutal Christmas
set break
The Tardy Brothers Fates Call Bloodline
ALLEGAEON Tartessos: The Hidden Xenocryst Formshifter
set break
Battlecross Push Pull Destroy Pursuit of Honor
Deftones Swerve City Koi No Yokan
Wretched At The First Sign Of Rust Son Of Perdition
Burning Fair Verona Rest In Pieces EP
Kadaver Dolls It's All I Know EP
Grenade Face Cut The Brake Lines EP
The Vile Impurity Monolith of Tyranny Anathema
Skinless Extermination of My Filthy Species Progression Towards Evil
Carnifex Until I Feel Nothing Until I Feel Nothing
Cannibal Corpse Scourge of iron Torture
Morbid Angel Where The Slime Live Domination
Make Them Suffer Widower Neverbloom
Kylesa Sacpegoat Static Tensions
Cradle of Filth Manticore The Manticore And Other Horrors
set break
iron horse mama, i'm coming home black and bluegrass.....tribute to ozzy osbourne