Psycho Realms Playlist for March 11, 2013

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HOWL Attrition (Single) Attrition (Single)
set break
Black Drawing Chalks Famous No Dust Stuck On You
3 inches of blood The Goatriders Horde Fire up the Blades
Austrian Death Machine All Of The Songs Sound The Same Total Brutal
Austrian Death Machine Who Is Your Daddy, And What Does He Do? Total Brutal
set break
Slayer Jihad Christ Illusion
Aeon You Pray To Nothing Rise To Dominate
Amon Amarth The Beheading of a King Fate of Norns
set break
The Beards I'm in the Mood... for Beards Having A Beard Is The New Not Having A Beard
Suffocation Cycles Of Suffering Pinnacle of Bedlam
Green Jelly Three Little Pigs Cereal Killer Soundtrack
set break
Tex Ritter Blood on the Saddle Blood on the Saddle
Dethklok The Galaxy Dethalbum III
Hightower Report
Hatebreed Put It To The Torch (Single) Put It To The Torch (Single)
Meshuggah Bleed ObZen
set break
Brutality Crushed Screams of Anguish
Cattle Decapitation A Living, Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat Monolith of Inhumanity
Cannibal Corpse Stripped, Raped, and, Strangled 15 Year Killing Spree
set break
Deicide Serpents Of The Light Serpents of the Light
Behemoth Ov Fire And The Void Evangelion
Bloodbath Iesous The Fathomless Mastery
The Faceless Xenochrist Planitary Duality
set break
Obituary Chopped in Half Cause of Death
Nile The Gods Who Light Up The Sky At T... At The Gate Of Sethu
Dying Fetus Devout Atrocity Reign Supreme
Death Leprosy Leprosy
The Atlas Moth An Ache For The Distance An Ache For The Distance
All Shall Perish A Pure Evil This Is Where It Ends
Andrew W.K. I Love NYC I Get Wet
Exhumed Decrepit Crescendo Slaughtercult
set break
Gojira Vacuity The Way of All Flesh
set break
Celtic Frost Nocturnal Fear Morbid Tales
Scorpions Blackout The Best of Rockers 'N' Ballads
warlock Burning The Witches Burning The Witches
set break
iron horse unforgiven fade to bluegrass