Psycho Realms Playlist for April 01, 2013

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Thy Art Is Murder Reign Of Darkness Hate
set break
Slayer Skeleton Christ Christ Illusion
Aeon Hate Them Rise To Dominate
killswitch engage Always Disarm the Descent
Goat Whore Alchemy Of The Black Sun Cult A Haunting Curse
set break
Behemoth Satan's Sword Satanica
The Beards The Beard Having A Beard Is The New Not Having A Beard
Lost Society Bitch, Out' My Way Fast Loud Death
set break
In Flames Zombie Inc. Colony
Hypocrisy Hell Is Where I Stay End Of Disclosure
Derelict Xenocide Unspoken Words
set break
Purson Leaning on a Bear (Single) Leaning on a Bear (Single)
Testament Disciples of the Watch The New Order
Hightower Report
Cannibal Corpse I Will Kill You 15 Year Killing Spree
Bloodbath At the Behest of Their Death The Fathomless Mastery
set break
job for a cowboy Entombment of a Machine doom
Obituary Slowly We Rot Slowly We Rot
Cattle Decapitation A Living, Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat Monolith of Inhumanity
Brutality Crushed Screams of Anguish
Monstrosity The Burden Of Evil Horror Infinity
Amon Amarth As Long as the Raven Flies The Crusher
set break
Nile The Fiends Who Come to Steal the Magick of the Deceased At The Gate Of Sethu
set break
Dying Fetus The Blood Of Power Reign Supreme
The Vile Impurity Monolith of Tyranny Anathema
The Vile Impurity Messiahs Disgrace Anathema
set break
Aeon You Pray To Nothing Rise To Dominate
Nile Natural Liberation Of Fear Through The Ritual Deception Of Death At The Gate Of Sethu
Oceano District Of Misery Depths
Suicidal Tendencies Suicidal Maniac No Mercy Fool!/The Suicidal Family
Sweet Brown Aint Nobody Got Time Fo' Dat (remix) Sweet Brown
set break
Broken Hope Swamped In Gore Swamped in Gore
Team America Everyone Has Aids Team Amerca
Carnifex Hell Chose me Hell Chose me
Anthrax Madhouse Among the Living
Whitechapel Possession This Is Exile
jim stafford Wildwood Weed Best of Jim Stafford
All Shall Perish A Pure Evil This Is Where It Ends
set break
3 inches of blood Forest King Fire up the Blades
Municipal Waste Sadistic Magician The Art Of Partying
The Beards You Should Consider Having Sex With A Bearded Man Having A Beard Is The New Not Having A Beard
set break
iron horse The Four Horsemen fade to bluegrass