Psycho Realms Playlist for September 09, 2013

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Ministry NEW WORLD ORDER psalm 69
set break
Testament Shades Of War Low
Slayer Supremist Christ Illusion
Napalm Death When All Is Said and Done Smear Campaign
KMFDM Drug Against War Angst
set break
Lamb of God Ashes Of The Wake Ashes Of The Wake
Manowar Holy War Fighting the World
Megadeth Architecture of Aggression Countdown to Extinction
Sodom Axis of Evil Sodom
set break
rage against the machine The Trooper Metal Hard Rock Covers
Rise Against Hero of War appeal to reason
set break
Anthrax Indians Among the Living
Hightower Report
Body Count Shallow Graves Born Dead
Obituary List of Dead Darkest Day
Red Fang Human Herd Murder the Mountains
Dying Fetus Concieved Into Enslavement Descend Into Depravity
Exhumed Through Cadaver Eyes All Guts, No Glory
Devourment Butcher The Weak Butcher The Weak
The Absence Intro From Your Grave
The Absence From Your Grave From Your Grave
Opeth The Baying of The Hounds Ghost Reveries
NOFX Idiots are Taking Over The War on Errorism
Primus Too Many Puppies They Can't All Be Zingers
Cephalic Carnage Observer To The Obliteration Of Planet Earth Exploiting Dysfunction
ghost Secular Haze (Single) Secular Haze (Single)
Unearth Fuel The Fire The Stings of Conscience
Darkest Hour Doomsayer Deliver Us
Tokyo Blade Jezzabell Night Of The Blade
Nekrogoblikon Bells & Whistles Power
GWAR Battle Maximus Battle Maximus
Týr Where Eagles Dare Valkyrja
Dream Theater The Enemy Inside (Single) The Enemy Inside (Single)
hank III Can I Rip U (Single) Can I Rip U (Single)
set break
iron horse mama, i'm coming home black and bluegrass.....tribute to ozzy osbourne