Psycho Realms Playlist for January 06, 2014

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Legion of the Damned Mountain Wolves Under a Crescent Ravenous Plague
set break
3 inches of blood Through the Horned Gates Fire up the Blades
3 inches of blood Night Marauders Fire up the Blades
Slayer War Ensemble Seasons in the Aybss
Deicide Once Opon The Cross The Best of Deicide
set break
This Is Hell Acid Rain Black Mass
Saxon Heavy Metal Thunder STRONG ARM OF THE LAW
Testament True American Hate Dark Roots Of Earth
The Absence Into The Pit Riders Of The Plauge
Underdark Dragonheart Underdark
Amon Amarth Twilight Of The Thunder God Twilight of the Thunder God
set break
Death Angel Into The Arms Of Righteous Anger Relentless Retribution
Meshuggah The Spiteful Snake ObZen
Hightower Report
Red Fang Doen Whales and Leeches
The Balck Dahlia Murder What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse Nocturnal
Pantera Cowboys from Hell Cowboys from Hell
NOFX You're Wrong Never Trust a Hippy
Obituary Slowly We Rot Left For Dead
Mitch Hedberg Koalas (snippet) Strategic Grill Locations
Ghost B.C. Body And Blood Infestissumam
Watain Sleepless Evil The Wild Hunt
Opeth The Baying of The Hounds Ghost Reveries
Iron Maiden The Trooper Best of the Beast
Anthrax Sects Attack of the Killer B's
Megadeath Posion Was The Cure Rust In Peace
Barn Burner Holy Smokes Bangers
Primus Those Damn Blue Collor Tweekers They Can't All Be Zingers
Bison B.C. Two-Day Booze Dark Ages
Hail Of Bullets Warsaw Rising Warsaw Rising
Church Of Misery Candyman (Dean Corll) The Second Coming
Goatwhore When Steel and Bone Meet Blood for the Master
Battlecross Man Of Stone Push Pull Destroy
set break
Hank 3 Aint Broken Down Brothers Of The 4x4