Psycho Realms Playlist for April 28, 2014

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Mastodon High Road (Single) High Road (Single)
set break
Devil You Know Seven Years Alone (Single) Seven Years Alone (Single)
Entombed Wolverine Blues Wolverine Blues
Down We Knew Him Well (Single) We Knew Him Well (Single)
set break
The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band Mama's Fried Potatoes The Whole Fam Damnily
Entombed Wolverine Blues Wolverine Blues
Black Label Society My Dying Time Catacombs of the Black Vatican
Slayer Jihad Christ Illusion
set break
MotÖrhead Starstruck Ronnie James Dio This Is Your Life Tribute
Amon Amarth Live Without Regrets Deceiver of the Gods
prong Turnover Ruining Lives
set break
Helstar This Wicked Nest This Wicked Nest
Hightower Report
Iron Maiden Rime of the Ancient Mariner Powerslave
Pig Pen lobster boy
slade in the wasters wasters
Counted Out
iron reagan
Butt Trumpet
Cro Mags
Municipal Waste
Slayer i hate you
Sex Pistols
Bleeding Money
Riptorn Rage Hard Total Rip Off
Dementia The Kraken Demo 14
Dementia Falling From The Sky Demo 14
Riptorn 100 Shot Salute Total Rip Off
Motorhead Overkill All The Aces
Children of Bodem Six Pounder Hate Crew Deathroll
Austrian Death Machine Get To The Choppa Total Brutal
Gojira Explosia L' Enfant Sauvage
Ministry TV II psalm 69
Coal Chamber What's Your Mind Chamber Music
Belphegor Der Rutenmarsch Bondage Goat Zombie
White Zombie Electric Head Part I astro creep 2000
Rammstein Mein Teil Reise Reise
Type O Negative Christian Woman Bloody Kisses
set break
Hayseed Dixie Paint It Black Weapons Of Grass Destruction