Psycho Realms Playlist for June 02, 2014

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Behemoth Ben Sahar The Satanist
set break
Dust Bolt Eternal Waste Awake The Riot
Below Trapped Under Ground Across the Dark River
Slayer Jihad Christ Illusion
set break
Dark Tranquillity Therein Projector
Celtic Frost A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh Monotheist
Burry Tomorrow Man On Fire (Single) Man On Fire (Single)
set break
Powerwolf Lucifer in Starlight The History of Heresy I (2004 - 2008)
Dio Heaven And Hell Live From London Hammersmith Apollo 1993
set break
Judas Priest Marched Of The Damned (Single) Marched Of The Damned (Single)
Hightower Report
Dethklok Birthday Dethday The Dethalbum
the misfits die moster die Famous Monsters
The Dead Kennedys california uber alles fresh fruit for roting veg
The Ramones i dont care Rocket to Russia
old guy drive by corporate robot corporate robot
comrades cats not cops we got this
Moral Decline your freedom not thiers moral decline
Bleeding Money eat the children bleeding money
Suicidal Tendancies suicidal maniac no fool mercy
S.O.D. Bigger Than the Devil Bigger Than the Devil
Devil Driver end of the line the fury of our maker hand
Children of Bodom blood drunk blood drunk
SERVANTS OF THE MIST commit suicide gross knowledge of genital mutilation
Hank 3 im drunk again hillby joker
Red Fang Hank is Dead Murder the Mountains
Mastodon chimes at midnight once more around the sun
Black Label Society lighten up Mafia
Foreshadow War Without End The Stranger End Of Death
Il Da Morte Kill Fuck Hate Il Da Morte
Ulcer Myth of Er Ulcer
Ebullition Immortal Failure The Suffered Testament
Baphomet The Age of Plague The Dead Shall Inherit
Tug Rhino TUG
Into the Grave Last Rites Stanstock 4 - Demo
sorcerer Swallowed Into Black Creatures
Brutality Irreversibly Broken Ruins of Humans
Destined To Ruin The Haunting Destined To Ruin
Pet The Preacher Kamikaze Knight The Cave & The Sunlight
Hayseed Dixie Ramblin' Man Killer Grass