Psycho Realms Playlist for August 18, 2014

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Fallujah Starlit Path The Flesh Prevails
set break
Accept Stampede Blind Rage
Neopera Requim Destined Ways
Neopera Song Of Revenge Destined Ways
King 810 Kilem All Memoirs of a Murderer
set break
Halcyon Way Conquer Conquer
set break
Black Tusk Set The Dial To Your Doom Set the Dial
set break
Pelican Dead Between The Walls City Of Echoes
set break
Sleeping Giant Violence Finished People
Sleeping Giant Brothers Keeper Finished People
Opeth Eternal Rains Will Come Pale Communion
Hightower Report
Skeletonwitch Serpents Unleashed Serpents Unleashed
Phobia Set To Rage Get Up And Kill
BongRipper Doom Satan Worshipping Doom
Weekend Nachos 2009 Unforgivable
Coke Bust Under The Street Lights Lines In The Sand Lp
Magrudergrind Emo Holocaust Magrudergrind & Shitstorm Split - CD
Maruta Strain Forward into Regression
Order Of The Owl In The Noon Of The After Day Order Of The Owl
set break
Primate Draw Back A Stump Draw Back A Stump
set break
Brutality Irreversibly Broken Ruins of Humans
set break
Fear Factory God Eater The Industrialist
Cannibal Corpse Eviseceration Plague Evisecertation Plague
Make Them Suffer Widower Neverbloom
Whitechapel Fairy Fay The Somatic Defilement
Deftones Xerces saturday night wrist
A Perfect Circle Imagine emotive
The Beards I'm in the Mood... for Beards Having A Beard Is The New Not Having A Beard
Sister Kill Cycle Dead Bird single
Into the Grave last rites stanstock4 ep
Trip to the Morgue assault and battery morge diaries
Black Cat Attack killing spree at zero gravity bright side of the moon
GWAR road behind America Must Be Destroyed