The Urban Cafe features new voices of the next generation. This witty and topical group of collective personalities will explore the topics, issues, and concerns of today's urban culture. With this special blend of social media and talk radio we will look to engage new listeners in a creative dialog of social commentary.

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Homeless Youth

Maria Fabian will be joining the Urban Cafe crew to discuss the issues surrounding our homeless youth here in the Tampa Bay area. A native of Tampa, Florida, Maria Fabian is a former homeless youth who spent more than two months during her senior year of school living in an abandoned apartment with no electricity or running water.

Fighting God... The Play

Rory Lawrence was born and raised in Mulberry, FL. While attending Mulberry High School, he was "bit by the acting bug" after taking a drama class during his junior and senior years. Since his teenage years, Rory Lawrence has held a strong passion for acting as he attended numerous plays and movies with the aspiration of one day being in the limelight. However, Rory Lawrence never thought he could truly pursue his dream on a professional level...until now. After moving to Tampa, FL, Rory Lawrence decided to fully re-commit himself by joining an acting school led by his coach, Corinne Broskette. It was there that he was introduced to Stanislavski's Method Acting and gleaned from his coach's experience as a protégé of Lee Strasberg. Using Method Acting, Rory Lawrence learned how to draw on his own emotions, memories, and experiences to perfect his portrayals of characters. Numerous stars such as Al Pacino, Meryl Streep, and Robert De Niro also have been known for incorporating this style into their acting. Additionally, Rory Lawrence has received training under renown actress, Tasha Smith, whose most recent work has been showcased in films such as ATL, Daddy's Little Girls, and Why Did I Get Married. Rory Lawrence's training has led him to expand his skills in various acting techniques, for he believes in the value that each style provides. To date, Rory Lawrence has performed in several dramatic and comedic theater plays and independent films. Actor: Recent Films and Plays 1.Eastern Sunset (2008) – Independent Film,Character: Jason, Brent Harvey Productions 2.All That Glitters (2008) – Independent Film – Character: Rory, East Exit Films 3.Love Comedy (2007) – Independent Film – Role: Office Manager 4.A Raisin in the Sun (2006) – Play – Character: George Murchinson 5.Feels Like It should (2008)- Independent Film Role: Line Cook 6.Turning Point (2008)- 48hr Film Challenge Role: Marcus, Kurt DeVrie Films Productions 1.The Trip (2008) – Play (pre-production) – Director 2.Roommates (2009) – Play (pre-production) - Director

Blended Families

December 11, 2015 The Urban Cafe crew discussed the reality of "Blended Families". -Stepmothers -Stepfathers -Step-siblings -Half-siblings or even being raised by your aunts, uncles or even grandparents. And the cons of being a blended family. How do you tell your child that the mother or father that they grew up with was not their biological parent. And how long do you wait to tell that child, or do you just not tell them at all. Many families deal with this situation and it is very hard to cope with if not everyone is in agreement of keeping that information from that child. And also with blended families, having a child that knows their biological parents and accepting their step-mother or father. All in all, we are all in some type of form of a blended family, and how we cope with it, makes us either a stronger unit or weaker.


The Urban Cafe Crew


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