This Is Bluegrass

From Bill Monroe to Alison Krauss with Tom Henderson. "This is Bluegrass" Started in April of 1971 in Tampa Florida and syndication started very soon after. Tom has produced over 2 dozen Bluegrass Festivals in the State of Florida, has had a band since 1970 and started a band for youngsters in 1980 called the Bluegrass Parlor Band. The band started as an out spring of of the Bluegrass Parlor, a Bluegrass shop and venue for many groups passing through Florida. The Parlor has hosted groups like the Country Gentlemen, Ralph Stanley, James King, Larry Sparks and dozens more before closing in 2007, young Miss Sierra Hull was the last band to play at the Parlor. Very fitting considering Tom's work in bringing youngsters to Bluegrass. Literally hundreds of bands have passed through the Parlor during it's almost 30 years of operation. Today Tom is semi retired, but still does "This is Bluegrass" and produces inside venues for Bluegrass groups. Tom Henderson is a guy who has always loved music played with simple instruments and sung in mournful Southern accents.


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