Will Florida Legislature consider a Homeless Bill of Rights?

Bruce Wright

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A new bill is being proposed by Florida homeless advocates; it’s called the Homeless Bill of Rights. Our guest on MidPoint is Rev. Bruce Wright, with The Refuge and the Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign.

Listen to this segment of MidPoint:

  • Richard Peete

    Hi I’m Rick. Bruce is a great guy and an amazing human being. I was homeless for three years in downtown Orlando. I haven’t been now for two years. Bruce covered every major point of the bill. And the way I see it, when did food become a privilege to be earned and not a right. A year and a half ago the Supreme Court handed down an opinion that said homeless people have the right to possess personal possessions and have it handled with due care and process by officials. And Bruce is right when he said that people have no idea how close they are to being homeless themselves. You know what the sad part of all of this is? The same local and state leaders who pass these laws aimed directly at the homeless, are the same ones who caused a lot of them to become homeless in the first place.