Women’s March in St. Pete draws crowd of 20,000

Women's March St. Petersburg

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Women's March St. PetersburgWomen's March St. PetersburgAn estimated 20,000 women and allies marched along the waterfront in downtown St. Petersburg on Saturday afternoon as one of the dozens of events worldwide in coordination with the Women’s March in Washington, D.C.

For more than an hour people streamed out of the park, over a bridge and onto Bayshore Drive heading toward the Vinoy Renaissance resort before circling back along the other side of Straub Park along Beach Drive. It’s been called the largest demonstration in the city’s history and it was part of hundreds of similar marches across the world, including the Women’s March on Washington, D.C.

Here’s audio of the MidPoint call-in show:

Womens March Charlie Crist

U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist (center) poses for a photo at the Women’s March in St. Petersburg. By Seán Kinane / WMNF News (21 Jan. 2017).

The marchers filled the streets of the downtown waterfront after an hour of speeches at an overflowing Demens Landing. We hear from Dr. Suzie Prabhakaren with Planned Parenthood, Dr. Julie Kessel with League of Women Voters, Angela Rouson with National Council of Negro Women, Karen Lieberman with the Jewish community; Susan Glickman with Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and Ashley Green with the labor union SEIU.


Here’s audio from the stage:

Already there have been comments on the videos posted below.

“yourjoking Right” writes: “We not only have equal rights but in some areas we have more rights then men.This is so stupid.Not one of them can give you one right men have that women don’t.”

“mauijane420” writes: “These people are Lunatics & FOOLS WASTING A BEAUTIFUL DAY!! Trump has NEVER threatened ‘womens rights’ & he hasnt DONE ANYTHING to show he Might. Sorry GIRLS, you are NOT VICTIMS of anything because of Trump. Find another way to get some attention.”

Here are some photos and video of the march:

WMNF News interview with St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman:

Women’s March speakers (part 1 of 2)

Women’s March speakers (part 2 of 2)


  • Anthony Branch

    I participated in the St Pete march as a 76 year old man and it was amazing! I heard that besides Mayor Kriseman, Rep; Charlie Crist and Senator Bill Nelson were there though I didn’t personally see them.

    That night and on Sunday CNN and MSNBC kept flashing across their screens saying “more than one million” when they reported on the Womens March nationwide. They hardly mentioned the huge march in Los Angeles whose backers claimed 750,000 even in pretty bad weather! Even the LAPD there were more than 500,000 which puts it at the level of Wash D. C. and more than NY. Chicago’s participation was also huge at 250,000 as were Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis, Boston, Portand, OR, Atlanta, and Oakland, CA

    In an hour or so of Internet research this morning I counted more than 2.5 million participants nationwide just through googling names of about 30 towns and cities and “womens march”. Why couldn’t network reporters all based in NY take an hour and compile the stats for various towns and cities across U. S. such as St. Petersburg? Were they concerned about telling how huge this movement really was on a nationwide level?

    Have implicit if not explicit threats from the White House already begun to silence major networks?

  • Sarahjrobin

    Hi -I just tuned in so I didn’t hear the questions other than references to “pro-life” women and female genital mutilation.
    First, I welcome women who are anti-choice; that’s their right but I have a right to believe in choice.
    Second, female genital mutilation is a horrible practice that must end. One of my neighbors actually said she voted for Trump because Clinton supports that practice. No one is against that more than feminists, so that’s ridiculous. I suspect that is pro-Trump propaganda.
    The DC March was WONDERFUL, PEACEFUL, AMAZING, LOVING, UPLIFTING, EMPOWERING, DIVERSE and attended by male, female, young, old, black, white, Asian, Latino, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Secular, which represents our country so much more than the much smaller inaugural crowds.
    So glad I took time and money out of my schoolteacher’s pocket to RESIST this sexist, racist, despicable choice of a president.

    My Two cents,

    Sarah Robinson