Women’s March on Washington actions in St. Pete and D.C.

Women's March on Washington MidPoint

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The Women’s March on Washington is Saturday January 21 and there will be local actions in St. Petersburg and other Florida cities; our guests on WMNF’s MidPoint were Lisa Perry, the Pinellas County Captain for the Women’s March on Washington and Suzanne Benton, who is helping to organize the local Women’s March St. Petersburg.

Perry is helping to organize buses to Washington.

The Women’s March St. Petersburg will be Saturday January 21 from noon until 3:00 p.m. – the march begins and ends at Demens Landing, Bayshore Drive and 1st Avenue South.

Listen to this segment of the show here:

The Women’s March Collier-Lee is Saturday, January 21 from 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. at Cambier Park in Naples.

For bus information to D. C. March from Tampa and Lakeland, contact Marina Welch – email wmwfltampa@gmail.com – They are holding a Sign Making event Saturday Jan. 14 at Seminole Heights Branch Library from 3-6. It is open to everyone from both counties. And on Facebook at Women’s March on Washington-Florida Chapter-Tampa/Hillsborough County.

Watch the show here:

Here’s another angle for video of part of the show:


  • cwo3ret

    i went to the web page and more specifically the ‘Mission & Vision’ statement… dunno what LGBTQIA is… i was glad to see there were no specific political platforms expressed, but i’m afraid that this whole effort seems like a masked Leftist/Progressivist initiative – while nods and acknowledgements are given to Muslims and just about any lifestyle, racial, religious, etc. membership, there was not one single mention of the words ‘tolerance,’ ‘respect,’ or freedom of speech – this whole thing seems like an anti-Trump initiative – looks like the makeup of the marchers will skew significantly Left and away from American values – so good luck with the march – i hope it doesn’t turn into a spectacle

    • Donna

      Perhaps you should look up what LGBTQIA means, so as not to be intolerant yourself? And, as you clearly have formed an opinion based only on reading one page of a website & nothing else, I’d say your mind was not terribly open before ya got here, honey, and you weren’t planning on opening it & participating anyway. Nice try to condescend – not really, it was amusing, if utterly transparent. Not really, even – just barely amusing. Hugs from a friendly dyke in Tampa 🙂

      • carolyn

        It seems that since he whom shall not be named is permitted to name call and condescend his followers do the same. Atrocious behavior

        • Donna

          Carolyn, apologies for my rude approach, above.

          Please know that I’m most definitely not a supporter of Mr. Trump’s.

  • carolyn

    It is a march for progress and equality. All are welcome. We are concerned about the hostility of the new administration and his old rich white men cabinet selection. This does not represent our country. We have a wide variety of qualified candidates of various cultures and gender. A march is planned in NYC the night previous to the inaugural in protest of policies. We merely want attention called to our diverse population and precious environment. Additionally, the name calling and belittling must stop. It is appalling etiquette and a terrible example his minions seem to follow.