6-week abortion bill gives millions to uncertified crisis centers

Pro-choice rally

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The controversial 6-week abortion bill will be voted on by the full senate tomorrow in Florida. However, part of the bill provides massive support to non-medical anti-abortion centers.

Under Senate Bill 300, anti-abortion centers will receive 25 million dollars in funding.  However, the qualifications of these centers are questionable.

These centers, sometimes called “crisis care” centers, often give the appearance of being legitimate clinics. Some in Tampa Bay are located less than a few miles from legitimate abortion providers.

The centers are not bound by HIPAA, and do not require any standardized medical training for staff. Democratic Senator Lori Berman committee questioned the sponsor of the bill, Republican Senator Erin Grall, on this.

“Are you aware that there are instances where these centers have given away individuals personal information because they are not bound by HIPAA? Talked to parents, partners, employers about individuals’ visit?”

“I’m not specifically aware of those, but I don’t know the circumstances under which each individual comes into the center and what has been presented to those individuals as the responsibility of the center with regard to confidentiality depending on these types of services”

Amy Weintraub, reproductive rights program director at Progress Florida, spoke to WMNF News.

“It is absolutely onerous that public funds are going to these religious entities that have a very specific theological position on abortion.”

Weintraub encourages pro-choice Floridians to speak out against the bill.

“The majority of Floridians who care about abortion rights need to get on the phone and let their senators and their house members know that these types of anti-public health policies are unacceptable, that they’re regressive and that they take us back.”

Weintraub is a member of WMNF’s Community Advisory Board and Programming Committee.