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 GiveDay 2


Give Day Tampa Bay 2018 is just around the corner!

On May 1st, join the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay and WMNF, as well as hundreds of other non-profits in the area for 24 hours of giving which will benefit those doing good in our community. We ask that WMNF supporters donate early because we could win a prize from the Gobioff Foundation for the largest amount of unique donors. Give here:https://givedaytampabay.mightycause.com/organization/Nathan-B-Stubblefield-Foundation

Last year, Give Day raised more than $1.75 million for Tampa Bay nonprofits from a record 10,448 donors!

Follow the Give Day Tampa Bay social media pages for updates. Tag us and use the hashtags #WMNF and #GiveDayTB18 so we can share your posts, too!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GiveDayTampaBay/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GiveDayTampaBay (@GiveDayTampaBay)


And don’t forget the 2018 Sarasota Giving Challenge from noon to noon May 1st-2nd!

“Since 2012, donors from throughout our region have shown their love for local nonprofit organizations by providing more than $28 million in unrestricted funding to support their missions during the Giving Challenge. Last year’s event set a new standard for generosity in our community, when more than $13.4 million was raised in just 24 hours to benefit 559 nonprofits listed on The Giving Partner.” –givingpartnerchallenge.org. Thanks to the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay and The Patterson Foundation. You’ll get a seperate email with the link to WMNF’s profile that will show you how to Be The One who makes a difference!
But here it is just in case: https://givingpartnerchallenge.org/npo/nathan-b-stubblefield-foundation-inc-dba-wmnf

WMNF is so excited to be a part of both of these giving events, and we count on our community to show up and support our station during these wonderful days of charity!



On Friday, April 6th Grammy-Award Winner Fantastic Negrito played live in-studio at WMNF, our first live performance with VuHaus!

Fantastic Negrito In Front of 88.5 banner

WMNF’s partnership with VuHaus exposes our station to the entire nation, and puts artists who play at our station on a national stage. Follow this link to check out Fantastic Negrito’s performance!

“VuHaus is a non-profit, digital music video service that introduces emerging and established artists to new audiences…VuHaus aggregates performance videos and interviews from leading “Music Discovery” public radio stations from markets across the U.S.”  – Vuhaus.com

Check out VuHaus.com to stay up to date with WMNF’s contributions, along with emerging artists broadcast by public radio around the country!

Have your friends and family heard about us?  Tell them why you love WMNF, what makes the station special to you, learn and dance together to the sound of Tampa Bay’s people powered radio!  Ask them to check out wmnf.org and download the app!

DJ Profile: Bobbie Dusenberry (Aka DJ Bobbie Duse)

Bobbie Dusenberry Pic

Bobbie hosts The Traffic Jam Monday, a show which brightens up our listener’s days, even when they are trapped in gridlock.  She also volunteers for Sertoma Youth Ranch and Safety Harbor Art and Music Center, and helps produce Safety Harbor Songfest.  She loves taking care of her 104 potted plants, learning about and tasting wine, making collage art and percussion instruments, and keeping her body healthy.  Her motto is: Dance to Live, Live to Dance.

Bobbie was a longtime fan of WMNF before hosting.  She first listened when she moved from New Jersey to attend Florida Southern College in Lakeland in 1979.  A friend played the station for her, but at that time, the signal was hard to pick up in Polk County.  She moved to the Tampa Bay area and began listening to WMNF more and contributing to the station.  She hosted her first program in 2008, as a guest host alongside Janine Farver on the Thursday Morning Show.

“I wanted to do it for a long time but I was way too nervous.  It was after my mom passed from Alzheimer’s in 2008, she was a huge inspiration on music in my life.  When she passed, I thought: I’m doing this,” Bobbie says.

Bobbie still wears one of her mom’s rings when she goes to a show or sees live music, to have a part of her.  She was instantly hooked on guest hosting and did it for years, until she began substitute hosting for friends such as Jeannie Holton of The Acoustic Peace Club, with the help of programmers.  One day in 2011, Randy Wind showed her how to work the board iherself, and two weeks later Bobbie was substitute hosting a show all on her own!

“The day before the show, I came in and went into the second studio and practiced the things I’d need to do during the show.  On the day that I hosted, we had live musicians in the studio. I was very nervous, but luckily I was prepared from my practice and experiences as guest host.”

In December 2014, Bobbie applied for the open spot on The Traffic Jam Monday, and has been hosting the show ever since.  She loves planning out her set thoroughly, and spends a lot of time making the way the music flows mean something.

“A lot of times my songs connect, whether the audience notices it or not. I walk on the weekends and I listen to the show I’m putting together, about a minimum of three times.  I will think about another song, like: Oh, this song would be perfect right here.  And I make a little note just to remember it.”

Bobbie has given a lot to WMNF, and loves to volunteer her time to her community.  She even weeds the foliage around the station and is referred to by volunteers as “#1 Weeder”.  Her care for the cause is truly inspirational.

“It’s just a wonderful radio station and I’m so glad I’m still a part of it.  I was not looking to be a DJ at first, but when I was subbing and a month would go by that I wouldn’t do a show, I would feel it.  I love hosting, and sharing music with the community.”

Find out more about The Traffic Jam Monday and stream here:http://www.wmnf.org/events/the-traffic-jam-monday/

Newsroom Profile: Nola Laleye


Nola hosts MidPoint Wednesday, a show which concentrates on current affairs, and gives voice to political views from across the spectrum.  As the host, Nola brings his fresh take on politics to the airwaves, and ignites engaging conversation among our community.  Beyond his news contributions at WMNF, Nola is also a freelance press photographer for the Tampa Bay Business Journal.  Nola is a homebody, who loves to spend time with his three children, watch documentaries and read in his free time.

Before becoming involved in politics, Nola worked in the retail industry.  An unexpected encounter began his interest in the possibility of radio.

“I was a manager at a Shoe Carnival in 2003 and we’d have sales, and I’d go up to the mic to announce the sale,” Nola says. “One night, there was a gentleman there who worked in radio, and he said ‘you have a great voice, you’d be a great show host.’  I thought he was maybe messing with me, but it was still a confidence booster.  Then when I heard people on the radio I thought: I could do that.”

Nola began pursuing photography and cinematography, and spent a lot of time developing his skills behind the lens.  But he never stopped thinking about the possibility of radio.  In 2015, he met WMNF Operations Manager Dwaine Terry, who also co-hosts the Urban Cafe.

“I just showed up, because a friend asked me to come out.  And I met DT, and was asked me to be part of the team on his radio show.  I was not expecting it.  I joined thinking it was going to be a temporary thing.  But I showed up, and they liked what I had to say.  I think they found my perspective unique, growing up in Nigeria and living in England before coming to America.”

From there, Nola began filling in on the Sunday Forum, and growing his skills as a show host.  Eventually, he reached out to News and Public Affairs Director Rob Lorei and asked if there were any open spots during the week.  Nola submitted a show proposal which was approved by Rob and General Manager Craig Kopp.  In May of 2017, Nola began hosting MidPoint Wednesday.

“A great thing about hosting a show on WMNF is the platform itself. We’re not being micromanaged by big time corporations that keep us from discussing what people are actually interested in.  And another thing is diversity, there are all different voices from across the community that can be heard on this station.”

Nola welcomes everyone’s voice to his show.  Even those he disagrees with.  He finds it important to open up the conversation between different viewpoints.

“I don’t say, ‘If you’re a Trump supporter you’re stupid, get out of here’.  I give you an opportunity to say your piece, even though I may disagree.  But I give a feeling to the listeners that they can keep coming back and say what they want to say.  To me, that’s what WMNF is all about.”

Find out more about Midpoint Wednesdays and stream herehttp://www.wmnf.org/events/midpoint-with-wmnf-news-wednesday/

Event Notes:

WMNF’s 13th Annual Rockabilly Ruckus – May 5th 6pm – 11:55 pm – Skipper’s Smokehouse 910 Skipper Rd. Tampa, 33613
WMNF Presents Improvaholics at Studio 620 – May 17th 7pm – 9pm – Studio 620 620 1st Ave. S, St. Petersburg, 33701
WMNF DJ Night at Prost Kitche + Bar – May 22nd 6pm – 10pm – 2802 E. Bearss Ave. Tampa, 33613
US Too: The WMNF Tribute to the US Festival – May 25th & 26th 6pm-11:55 pm – May 25th at Skipper’s Smokehouse. May 26th at Jannus Live 200 1st Ave. N, St. Petersburg, 33701

Click here for details: www.wmnf.org/wmnf-events/ or call 813-238-8001
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