88.5 Now – WMNF’s Newsletter July 2019

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Thank you to all who donated during our
Summer Fund Drive!

40 Years
We exceeded our goal,
thanks to you!
Without your support, we would never have made it this far.
We have great events coming up to celebrate our 40th year,
including our birthday party with
St. Paul and The Broken Bones
Stay tuned for more music,
community and fun!
It’s been an exciting and action filled month, from celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing on-air, to so many
wonderful events:
Wine on The Radio,
Poetry Is – Colors of Jazz,
The Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary Tribute
and so much more
Were you there?
If so, send any feedback, pictures or input to [email protected]
This month we also held our second “Sustainability Society” event. Someday Honey entertained our guests at the Palladium St. Petersburg. Beer from Pinellas Ale Works, wine and food from Bayou Catering were served while WMNF board members, staff and programmers showed our audience the importance of sustaining WMNF into the next 40 years, along with how to do it
through planned giving.
Circle of Friends members and those who contribute steadily to the station are welcome to join us for the next one.
If you’re interested, contact Gene Moore at [email protected]
DJ Profile: Big Eddie G

When Eddie moved to Tampa 10 years ago, he was still listening to the shows he had grown to love in Los Angeles. He couldn’t find anything that could provide the eclectic mix of soul, funk, hip-hop and R&B of those LA programs. Eventually, his wife did some research and told him about a show called The Saturday Night House Party. From there, he got on board with WMNF and found an opportunity to bring his love for soul music to the airwaves through Da’ Soul Kitchen.

Eddie’s passion to be a radio host started many years ago, when the seed was planted by people he spoke to.

“I’ve always had a baritone voice even since I was a little kid. Friends, strangers and folks I worked with would say: You got a deep, rich voice, you should be on the radio.”

Though he always wanted to be a host, Eddie stayed in the background for many years, working as a broadcast engineer for commercial radio. In March 2018, he decided to take a step toward being on the air.

“Cen-Flo from The Saturday Night House Party was offering the gift of being a guest DJ. So I made the donation and came on, me and Cen-Flo vibed. It was just an immediate connection. Some of the music I picked out he hadn’t heard in years.”

Later that year, Eddie made another donation to guest host with Cen-Flo. This time Cen-Flo helped Eddie put a buzz in the ear of people at the station, and Eddie started volunteering in January 2019.

“About five or six weeks into me volunteering as a board op, I heard there were some openings for new shows and Randy was listening to proposals.”

Eddie sent in his show pitch and Program Director Randy Wynne responded, asking when Eddie was available for a try out.

“I said ok, you tell me when. I was nervous as hell.”

The try out went well, and Eddie was hopeful. A few days later, he came in for his board op shift hoping he’d hear something, but there was no word.

“Friday comes and he emails me: I really dug that show, how would you like that spot permanently? And I’m thinking, are you serious? Of course I’ll take it!”

On May 6th Da’ Soul Kitchen hit the airwaves on WMNF. Eddie brings his love of not just soul, but so many other types of music to his listeners every Monday night. From funk to jazz to hip-hop, Da’ Soul Kitchen cooks up a sampler of something for everyone.

“There have been some hiccups and the show is still new. But overall, doing the show – this has been my dream. 16 years I’ve been trying to do this. It’s not about the money, what really drives me is when people call or write about the show. If the family digs it, that’s what keeps me going.”

Stream Da’ Soul Kitchen and Listen Here: https://www.wmnf.org/events/da-soul-kitchen/

DJ Profile: Kweku Appiah


The sounds of Africa are full of rich and vibrant life that announce the beauty of the continent. It’s a type of music that reflects the history and soul of a resilient people and myriad cultures. Kweku grew up in the country of Ghana, on the west coast of Africa. On African Safari, he brings the sounds of his youth to the airwaves, along with music from all around Africa and influences he’s encountered along the way.

WMNF isn’t Kweku’s first encounter with radio. He moved to the Tampa Bay area a little over a year and a half ago from Seattle to pursue a medical program.

“In Seattle I had a show on KBCS Community Radio. So when I got to Tampa I felt like I needed something to keep fun stuff in my life. With my medical studies it’s always books, books, books so I need something with music to keep me going.”

He sent emails to radio stations in the area, then decided to volunteer at WMNF and began to meet people at the station.

“I met Angie from Caribbean Cruise at a concert. We talked about what kind of music we were into and I told her I used to have a radio show in Seattle. She said there were some show changes coming and that I should apply.”

He sent in his show proposal and it was accepted almost right away. Before long, he was hooked up with George Foreman, his show assistant. George came to WMNF after meeting Operations Manager Dwaine Terry at University Mall. He was invited to volunteer at the station, and Kweku took him under his wing.

Kweku is a saxophonist and has played in many bands, touring around the world. His father was a professional musician as well. He grew up with music always playing in the house.

“I grew up listening to Highlife music from Ghana. Even the Congo took a lot of their rhythm from West Africa. But I have lived in the US for 15 years now, so have been influenced by a lot of artists, from jazz to the blues.”

But on his show, Kweku sticks to mainly African music, with occasional reggaeton and other island music. WMNF listeners have been ecstatic about his selections.

“I think there was a missing link somewhere, the people were looking for it but weren’t getting it. And once we came in they’ve been very happy, we got a caller on the first day saying he was waiting for something like this.”

African Safari has listeners from Seattle to Tampa to Africa to Austria. It’s a show that appeals to people from all walks of life because of its uplifting and powerful music and message.

As Kweku puts it, “There’s such a wide variety of music, that you can never fully explore even before you die. We follow the vibration of the music, you know? And that vibration is a very powerful thing.”

Learn more and stream African Safari here: https://www.wmnf.org/events/african-safari/


WMNF 2019 Americana Fest – August 10th, 6pm – @ Skipper’s Smokehouse, 910 Skipper Road, Tampa, FL 33613

Twist In The Dark: A Summer Solstice – August 10th, 8pm – @ Crowbar, 1812 N. 17th St. Tampa, FL  33605

The Smiths, Talking Heads and Elvis Costello: the WMNF Tribute – August 31st, 7pm – @ Skipper’s Smokehouse, 910 Skipper Road, Tampa, FL 33613

WMNF’s 40th Birthday Party w Saint Paul and The Broken Bones – September 14th, 8pm – @ St. Petersburg Coliseum, 535 4th Ave. St. Petersburg, FL 33701