88.5 Now – WMNF’s Newsletter October 2018

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Production Profile: Bob Hoak
Bob Hoak with one of his CCI Dogs, Jezzebell

Bob wouldn’t go out of his way to tell you about the expertise he brings to the Live Music Showcase on Fridays. Or that he’s raised puppies for 15 years for the non-profit K-9 Companions for Independence. In fact, he might try to tell you something like, “I’ve never considered myself very interesting.” Bob is as humble as he is an endearing and important member of the WMNF family.

Bob worked for just shy of 50 years at WEDU PBS as a camera man and editor, where he gained a lot of the technical skills he shares today. He found out about WMNF through meeting people who worked with both WEDU and WMNF.

“I knew Cam Dilley even before WMNF started, he worked on some of our music programs at WEDU, and of course he was one of the people who helped start WMNF. I was also the director of Rob Lorei’s show Florida This Week, so I got to know him.”

After Bob retired from WEDU, he ended up at the same Christmas party as Rob Lorei.

“Rob mentioned to me that WMNF was beginning to use video equipment for the Live Music Showcase. I came in and observed how things went and then started helping out.”

After finding his footing on Live Music Showcase, Bob started directing the cameras during live performances.

“We started out getting in each other’s way, but we kinda worked that out in the first couple of weeks. Now we know how to stay out of each other’s way in the right ways.”

He’s filmed acts from local bands to national performers such as Fantastic Negrito and, most recently, Michael Franti & Spearhead.

“A lot of people get excited for big names but most of the time for me, it’s usually just in one ear and out the other. I do like a lot of them though, and recording them too.”

There is one recording artist who has caught Bob’s attention though.  His love of country music led him to discover Iris Dement.

“Something about her voice, it just sort of tugs at my heart. I make sure I have Kleenex nearby when she sings.”

Helping out at WMNF is not the only way Bob contributes to the community.  In fact, he spends most of his time doing good things.

“For the past 15 years I’ve been a volunteer puppy raiser for K-9 Companions for Independence that provides service animals to individuals with disabilities free of charge. I’m raising my 14th puppy right now. I also volunteer at St. Joseph’s hospital a couple days a week. So those things and WMNF take up most of my time.”

During his time with WMNF, Bob has provided invaluable support and knowledge.  His selflessness and giving nature are the kind of things that built the station so many years ago.

“WMNF is a vital resource for the community.  The information, the news, the music.  It’s a one of a kind thing.  You can’t really put a price on that, but it’s something that would be missed so much if it happened to go away.”

Learn more about Live Music Showcase and stream here:

Production Profile: Cheryl Mogul

Cheryl Mogul with Steve The Hitman Williams

Cheryl has been with WMNF since the beginning. It was volunteers like her who braved the first location the station operated in and stuck around for the 39 years after 1979 until now. She hosted the reggae show for 23 years and nowhosts the Saturday Soulful Soiree, bringing listeners the best in blues, soul, funk and R&B. Cheryl loves to bike ride, swim and dance.  She’s a true child of the sun, with a passion for her community.

About 40 years ago, Cheryl was sun bathing in her backyard when canvassers approached her house. They were fundraising for a community radio station.

“I gave a small check because I was still going to college at University of Tampa. I said, I’ll definitely give you more when you go on the air and I will get involved. I was so excited to hear about it. Radio has been my best friend since the third grade.”

Before long, Cheryl was at the station, putting in lots of effort to help build the dream called WMNF.

“I did lot of secretarial stuff, helping out anywhere I could.  Doing the newsletter, filing, working with the music library, whatever needed to be done, I’d do that. We were so young, and it was so new, it just fabulous no matter how run down the building was.””

Through her work during the beginning days of WMNF, Cheryl discovered reggae, a genre she’s been in love with ever since.

“To me, it was Jamaican soul music.  I said I really wanted to do a reggae show on the air.  I did that for 23 years. There was a time too in the early days when I subbed in for just about every show. I was just obsessed with music and loved it all you know.”

Today, Cheryl hosts Saturday Soulful Soiree, a show beloved by fans contemporary and classic blues, soul and R & B.

“When I created the show Randy asked why I wanted to call it that. I said I think the name has a little class to it. It means evening party, it’s a real mix. We celebrate everything.  I always try to do tributes, always try to get local artists to come up.”

Cheryl is constantly out in the community, going to local shows, meeting and engaging new people, carrying on the spirit of WMNF.

“I go out all the time to hear music, and I dance a lot. And I also keep up with artists in the area. I just bought a couple of CDs at the Aretha tribute the other night so I can play some of the artists.”

The effort Cheryl has put in to building WMNF over the past 39 years is invaluable.  She’s seen it all.  From rats running on the ceiling in a Hyde Park house to the station we’re in today, it’s people like Cheryl who are the ones to thank for everything WMNF has.

“It’s been huge, it’s been my adult life really.  I’ve met so many people, all my dear friends are people I’ve met through WMNF.  I think the station has brought together so many people.”

Learn more about Saturday Soulful Soiree and stream here:


Upcoming WMNF Events:

WMNF Presents The British Invasion 4 1975-79 – November 3rd 6 pm – 11:30 pm – @ Skipper’s Smokehouse 910 Skipper Rd. Tampa, FL 33613

WMNF Road Trip with Marcie – November 8th 6 pm – 10 pm – @ The Attic/ Rock Brothers Brewing 1510 E. 8th Ave. Ybor City, FL 33605

Uke it Out 4.0 The Fourth Annual Ukulele Fest – December 1st 3 pm – 10 pm –
@ Cage Brewing 2001 1st Ave. South, St. Petersburg, FL 33712

10th Annual Tour de Clay – December 8th & 9th 9 am – 5 pm – @ San Antonio Pottery 11903 Curley Street, San Antonio, FL 33576

The 2019 WMNF Alt Country Hoedown – January 26th 6 pm – 11:55 pm – @ Skipper’s Smokehouse 910 Skipper Rd. Tampa, FL 33613