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Remembering Eve Prang Plews & Alternative Health

Eve’s passing this month marks the end of an era at WMNF. Listeners who tuned in to Alternative Health opened a gateway to a world of knowledge.  Even if we couldn’t follow all of Eve’s advice, there was something in every show that helped us understand our bodies, what we consume and how it affects every little part of us.

On her show, Eve expressed her wisdom in a way that any listener could understand.  While discussing the highly complex neurotransmitter GABA, Eve helped her audience comprehend GABA’s role by referring to it as, “The primary brake pedal of your body”.  When explaining the effect of non-reductive acids on the body, Eve used the old saying, “You can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse.”  It was this kind of down to earth delivery that gained Eve the adoration of WMNF listeners.

After her passing, stories of love and light from fans of the show came pouring in:

This donation is made in memory of Eve Prang Plews. Three years ago we consulted her to help our grandson overcome the devastating symptoms of Tourette Syndrome. With her expert and compassionate guidance he made considerable progress and now is symptom free. We will be forever grateful for Eve and for WMNF for bringing her guidance to our community. She will be missed.

– Linda Hubner, St. Petersburg

Eve totally changed my life, and surely saved it from ruin. Once [her death] sunk in, I had to sit down for a good cry. BTW, she has a load of Pod-O-Matic podcasts that she often did with Dr. Harvey which are all in my computer.

– Bill Brookfield, Spring Hill

Just the other night at dinner, I was singing Eve’s praise & encouraging the folks at the table to seek out her guidance for their health (and listen to her on MNF!). I’ve been quoting Eve for years – more than anyone else. The news of her passing has floored me and actually made me tear up. This world will be lesser without her. I will strive to be more positive, like her.

– Jean Kozlowski, St. Petersburg

Rob Lorei co-hosted Eve’s show.  They got to know each other over the course of years.  Rob reflects on their time together, “Eve was a powerful woman.  She was well spoken, well informed and very confident on the radio, a natural.  She had a lot of humility and I think that’s why she connected with people.  She lived life to the fullest up until the very end.  And I think that’s the way she wanted to live.”

Eve’s dedication to helping our community better understand ourselves and the world around us will be cherished and remembered for as long as WMNF is on the air. Her zeal for life will live on in the legacy of WMNF and in the hearts and minds of all she helped and healed.  Here’s to the life of a spectacular member of our community.

The celebration of life for Eve Prang Plews will be held on November 9th at Selby Gardens in Sarasota.

Production Profile: Duncan Strauss

Talking Animals is the only show of its kind of WMNF—putting us in touch with the world of the other animals on Earth.  Animal themed music, comedy and engaging interviews keep listeners returning to host Duncan Strauss every Wednesday at 10 am.  Duncan has a background in journalism and radio, and participates in the comedy scene as well as philanthropy.  Outside of the station, he spends his time with his wife and son Colleen and Michael. And of course, the Strauss family includes plenty of animals: Daisy (dog), Elwood, Chrissy and Hines (cats), Sir Jearly and Top Dollar (horses).

Duncan launched Talking Animals in southern California in 2003.  In 2005, he and his family decided to move to Florida, so he started looking for a station that would embrace the content of his show.

“In the course of my research I found WMNF and thought the station looked great.  I wasn’t familiar with it, but I immediately loved the programming that I saw and heard online, so I contacted Rob Lorei.”

After meeting with Rob, Duncan started his show with a half hour trial run. It went well, and Talking Animals landed a once monthly spot on Wednesdays.

“I was happy just to have a cool station to do the show on.  Over time it evovled to twice a month for a half hour.  Eventually I lobbied enough and the show became an hour a week, as it was when I began the show in 2003.”

This increase in time for the show allowed Duncan the time to have guests on his show. Jane Goodall, Alec Baldwin and even Triumph The Insult Comic Dog have stopped by Talking Animals.  But interviews range from well known celebrities to every day people involved in animal consciousness.

“Sometimes it’s people who don’t have a big name but are super committed to animal welfare or adoption or whatever their issue is, and just their passion or long-term commitment to what they’re doing, it’s inspiring even if no one knew their name before they came on the air.”

Duncan does a lot outside of WMNF.  Currently, he writes about animal based issues for the Washington Post blog.  He was a journalist for ten years at the Los Angeles Times, where he mainly wrote about comedy.  Now, he and his wife Colleen co-own “Cap City” comedy club in Austin, TX. His family also created the Strauss Foundation.

“The foundation promotes public service by way of granting scholarships to college students who propose a public service project.  If they are selected, the grant helps them carry out their project.  Sometimes these projects are local, but some are regional and international.”

Talking Animals gives a voice to the voiceless every week in a relatable and fun ways.  Whether it be “name that animal tune” or animal based comedy, Duncan does what WMNF hosts do best – entertain, inform and educate.

“To me, WMNF means community, in that WMNF consists of a community featuring all sorts of folks, in some cases with disparate backgrounds and passions, but unified by carrying out the station’s mission, both behind the scenes and on the air.”

Learn more about and stream Talking Animals here:  https://www.wmnf.org/events/talking-animals/  https://talkinganimals.net/

Upcoming WMNF Events: 

WMNF Benefit Wine Tasting – September 26th 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm – @ Winesmith: 1620 Central Ave. St. Pete, FL 33712

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The Queen of Soul: WMNF’s Tribute to Aretha (St. Pete) – October 28th 7:30 pm – 10:15 pm – @ Palladium 253 5th Ave. North, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

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