A memorial service is being held to honor homeless people who died this year

Homeless memorial St. Pete


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A memorial service is being held to honor the many people who died homeless this year. The co-pastor at Missio Dei Community Church, GW Rolle, started this annual memorial service to help remind the Pinellas community about homeless people who lost their lives every year.

He got the idea because of the National homeless Memorial Day service that is held on the 21st of December. One of the organizers is Sam Picard, the lead pastor at Missio Dei Community church. “They thought that a service would make sense both to remember those who died, but also to give the whole community an opportunity to recognize that we as a society are choosing to allow people to live and die on the street in the richest country that history’s ever seen. And that’s a scandal that we all need to be reminded of.” The service will be hosted at 4:30 this afternoon, at Unitarian Universalist Church located at 100 Mirror Lake Drive North, in downtown St Petersburg.