A new treatment option: COVID-19 pills


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People who have recently tested positive for COVID-19 have a new treatment option. Two new COVID-19 pills require a doctor’s prescription because of the limited supply and because they can cause serious side effects if mixed with other medications.

Details about the COVID-19 pill

The COVID pills should only be taken by high-risk patients that are likely to be hospitalized or die without them. Unlike vaccines that are used to prevent infection, these pills should only be taken after a positive Coronavirus test. One of the pills was developed by Pfizer and the other by Merck.

Where can you get a COVID-19 pill?

The Miami Herald reports, fewer than 20 stores in Florida are currently offering the medication. According to the Florida Department of Health website that includes Walgreens in New Port Richey and Winter Haven, a Walmart in Tampa, and Publix stores in Sebring and Port Charlotte.