A Passion & An Obsession

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Madeline Puckette buffeted her fledgeling life as a graphic designer by working in a Seattle wine bar. Her wine knowledge stopped at cheap sweet white Zinfandel’s. Then, as she poured a variety of wines for customers, she began to somewhat timidly sample and finally taught herself to taste. From there, Madeline quickly realized she had a passion, if not an obsession for wine. She shared her unbridled enthusiasm for wine by co-creating, WineFolly.com. Using her astute graphic design skill, Madeline has crafted and co-authored, Wine Folly: Magnum Edition: The Master Guide. This is a marvellous book that will appeal to the novice and wine snob alike. Norman B, eager to chat with Madeline about one of his favourite topics, was enchanted by her exuberance. You will too, make sure you don’t miss this edition of Life Elsewhere.

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