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10 Shocking Examples Of Police Violence Against Peaceful Protestors

Rob Lorei about over 3 years ago

The videos here will be the topic today at 10AM on WMNF's Radioactivity program. What do you think of these images?[link text][1]

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Where is our President

Our President was a professor of Constitutioanl Law in Chicago-- why isn't he speaking up for these demonstators and standing up for their Constituional Rights!

OUR president???

OUR president? Is there a mouse in your pocket?


That picture of the girl getting sprayed directly in the face is awesome!


Getting pepper sprayed is awesome?! What are you a moron? No, I take that back. Obviously you are a sad case who has so much anger and hate in your heart that you find someone's misfortune to be your own misfortune. You should be ashamed of yourself. But then again, if you had any shame, you wouldn't have posted such an ugly comment.


It was awesome to ME. That's all that matters. Everything else is superfluous.


Superfluous. I see you learned a new word. Too bad you don't even know what it means. You are a sad, sad case. Enough said.

Please go home already

Clearly these losers are envoking the anger of many. Exercising restraint with these cretins must be challenging. I don't condone, but understand any SUPERFLUOUS action taken by those upholding the law.

I agree

I agree. It's a good thing I'm not a cop because I wouldn't have the patience necessary for these jerks. I would pepper spray first and ask questions later.


TJ originally you expressed pleasure at seeing peaceful demonstrators being bullied and stated that you enjoyed it and anything else was superluous. I see you went and used a dictionary to change your response. I'm glad I contributed to your self-education.

PhD in Narcissism...

YOU… contributed to TJ’s “SELF” education??? A liberal would take credit for someone else’s personal achievements…

Elio is Superfluous

Is English your second language, Elio? The word, superfluous, was used correctly every time it was used. Apparently YOU need an education.

TJ and GW not the same

Elio !!! Put down the mispelled protest signs and hippie lettuce !!!! Carefully read the preceding posts and who authored them before you proceed with one of your agonizing takes. I would rather be subjected to SUPERFLUOUS full frontal pepper spray than be subjected to another Elio post


TJ!!! I missed that one DUDE... hold up!!! (backhand self right in the yap) ouuuch... FOCUS dumbass!!! Okay... I'm better now. It won't happen again...


By-the-way... I'm still trying to find Elio’s new word in the dictionary… “superluous”… it’s got to be in here somewhere!!! Hey TJ... check the interwebs for me...