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Video Your Vote

Matt Cowley about over 6 years ago

PBS and YouTube have joined up in an effort to get documentation of the voting process.

YouTube's Video Your Vote, a non-partisan program produced in partnership with PBS, encourages American voters to document their experiences at the polls on Election Day.

The Video Your Vote channel is also a one-stop-shop to view exclusive videos from voter registration experts, election reform activists, and state officials, as well as video footage from the PBS archives for a historical look at voting through the years.


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Video the Vote in Tampa

'08 Oct. 24 Fri. EDST 23:03 WMNF Bloggers: Hello again! :-) Video The Vote is alive and well in Tampa. There are at least 6 volunteers that will have Video The Vote cameras and will be ready to go on Election Day and are already working to monitor the vote during early voting. Get involved! Go to Also remember for post-election voting verification. Important! Regards. Mark Skogman