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Are you dreading political conversations with your family this Thanksgiving? Why?

Rob Lorei about over 6 years ago

Here's the article I quoted from today. What do you think? Rob Lorei

How to counter 10 of the most common myths conservatives believe about progressives.

Oh, Lordy. It is that time again. Thursday is Thanksgiving -- the official kickoff event of the 2008 holiday season. For a lot of progressives, these festivities also mean that we're about to spend more quality time with our conservative relatives over the next six weeks than is strictly good for our blood pressure, stress levels, or continued sanity.

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Gotta love em

Oh, GREAT… it’s that time again… the holidays. My liberal family and friends coming over and lov’en me up... oh joy. I wonder how long they’ll tiptoe around the real issues… politics, religion… and are oysters even safe to eat this time of year? Why is she stuffing my favorite bird with shellfish??? Surf’n turf is one thing but surf’n foul don’t even sound good… well I’m not going to be the one to open that can of worms… better find out what teams are playing today so I can change the subject… Jeez, I hate organized sports. Why is it that my allotment of liberals, have to go through at least 3 bottles of wine or a half dozen beers before they can start talking about anything interesting? Of course by then they’ve got their buzz-on and it’s not going to be a conversation. It’s going to be who’s “King of the Soap Box” this time??? I might as well gird-up... “Honey… want a glass of wine before they get here?” (ting ting ting) Sometimes I wonder what they really think about us… I mean we are just talking about political opinions aren’t we??? Hell, we’re all dingbats… but what if they really thought we were… insufferable… paranoid… or worse? No, quit thinking like that… they are our friends and family and if they truly thought that we were some sort of “Gomers” smoked-up on wacky tabacky… they wouldn’t waste their time with us… at least I wouldn’t. So… once they got their buzz-on… what will our loved ones want to talk (shout) about??? •Conservatives hate Americans. All that conservatives want to do is hunt down poor immigrants and ship them out in cattle cars. We want to tear children away from their mothers and build a wall that can be seen from space so that we can stop all immigration. We want to slash social programs so that we can watch little children die of starvation. “Oh please… it’s illegal immigration we want to stop and no one wants to see children go hungry… anyone else want a beer while I’m up?” (burrrp… oysters??? I wonder if I gave them the stuffing… would they take it home with them or stop and donate it somewhere??? I hope they take it home… no one deserves this… burrrp... yup... oysters) •Conservatives want to declare martial law. All that conservatives want to do is “…kill’em before they multiply…” “…blow’em back into the stone age…” “…bomb bomb bomb… bomb bomb Iran…” We don’t have a clue as to what the real threats are… global warming… epidemics… superbugs… you know, those problems that no single country on the face of the planet can do anything about by itself… those problems that will take the entire planet to resolve if in fact they can be resolved… those problems that can’t be properly addressed because of the idiots that keep blowing things up all the time. “Guys… all I’m saying is we have a swamp that needs to be drained… it’s full of snakes, piranhas and alligators… and all we’re given is a bucket, a siphoning hose and a pair of skivvies to go do the job. What??? Noooo… I don’t think all the swamps should be drained and the wildlife killed off… it was a metaphor… here, have some more of this stuffing.” •Conservatives pray at the alter of free market capitalism. “Man… I don’t even know what that means. What I do know is that the free market is killing us… poison in foods… lead in toys… how many of you guys are buying gas from Exxon/Mobil… 1, 2, 3, 4… you too? I don’t… What about Walmart’s or Sam’s? Are you spending your free market money there? I don’t care that they’re huge… Sam Walton lied to us… remember… ”We will only sell products made by American’s for American’s…” yeah right. How about your shoes… Nike… Adidas… wasn’t there something about child labor issues awhile back? All that “free market” means is that you’re “free” to forget who screwed you last in the “market”… how many of you guys still have an account with any of the banks that got bailed out? Not me… are you going to buy a Ford... GM... Chrysler??? Not me... Those poor union workers making a gazillion dollars an hour poppin rivits... free market my... pass me that stuffing.” •Conservatives hate our troops. All that conservatives want to do is keep the soldiers away from their families… they don’t give them any armor or ammunition… and they force the soldiers to buy their own… “Guys… what if you wanted to buy some body armor… where would you go to get it??? I didn’t think so… Were we underprepared for a desert war being fought house-to-house? YES… especially seeing that our only theaters of war since WWII have been fought in jungles… Yeah, I served during Vietnam… don’t even get me started on the lack of VA benefits then or now… President Bush’s Vietnam… 5,000 vs 150,000 please... What? Beans, corn and tomatoes; It’s called Succotash… What? Where does it come from? It's Native American I believe… Wounded Knee??? Noooo… my family didn’t have anything to do with it… we're from the south… oh crap... please tell me I didn't just say that!!!" (BEER... I need a BEER… what's that smell... oysters? awww man... Now that's insufferable) "Is anyone in the bathroom???" Both me and this stuffing needs to go...

no McCain supporters allowed

I had Thanksgiving dinner with like-minded kind people. No arguing. Didn't have to watch football either. Now that's my idea of a good stress free Thanksgiving celebration.