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Local Radio Should Be Local

Matt Cowley about over 6 years ago

Times columnist Ernest Hooper says local radio should be local:

why do so many crave the current homogenous programming? Whether it's Glenn, Rush or Sean, it's basically the same opinions on national issues. Meanwhile, the local issues that matter go ignored.

Radio should be about community (see WMNF), not syndication. If more stations remembered that, maybe we would get a fair and balanced offering. ...

Hey, we couldn't agree more.

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I agree that radio should be focused more on the local community connection rather than the national dollar. On a station like WMNF its great to have the local issues discussed as well as local music displayed. Even if commercial stations wanted to remain commercial they could at least concentrate on better advertising/marketing techniques to allow more local concentration of content and the advertising that a particular station broadcasts to its local audience. I have no problem with capitalistic pursuance however we should be able to legislate locally to keep "homogenous programming" from snowballing power away from the community. Anybody else agree? I know tons of people father reminds me of my socialistic thinking all the time.