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Eyewitness To Gaza Destruction On WMNF's 1PM program

Rob Lorei about over 6 years ago

Susan Taylor Martin , the St. Petersburg Times Senior Reporter was interviewed on WMNF today by WMNF's Rob Lorei. What did you think of what she had to say? And of her stories? Is Israel justified in its incursion into Gaza?


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radio listener

Ms.Martin's stories are first-person reports. The same people who attacked Jimmy Carter's book want to deny the American taxpayers any debate on our funding of Israel's military. No member of Congress dares to vote against Israel's policies. AIPAC rules.

Daughters of Palestine Project

There is a wonderful website that has video messages made by young Palestinians. it is a project of 6+ a women' art collective called "Daughters of Palestine" The amazing thing is that there is not much bitterness on the part of these young people. It is well worth watching some of these videos. the website is: Ron from Largo