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How Long Could You Be Waterboarded Before You Panic?

Rob Lorei about about 6 years ago

Watch this video and let us know if you think it's torture. -Rob Lorei

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I don't know how anyone can watch this video and not understand that this is torture. The brave man who agreed to be waterboarded KNEW he was ultimately safe and yet could only handle the situation for a few seconds. If they are "inducing an existing fear" (of drowning, i.e. imminent death) this constitutes torture.

President, Florida Veterans for Common Sense

Rob, Florida Veterans for Common Sense has opposed torture since our founding. Waterboarding is torture and America prosecuted Japanese soldiers after WWII at the Tokyo Trials for waterboarding GIs. Some Japanese soldiers were found guilty and hung. This history can be easily confirmed at the St. Petersburg Times Politifact website. As veterans, members of Florida Veterans for Common Sense know that torture, including waterboarding, is wrong and unacceptable behavior. The American military has stood four square against torture since George Washington ordered his troops to treat captured British soldiers humanly although the British tortured captured Americans. The armed forces has numerous provisions prohibiting torture as set out in the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the Army Field Manual. The bottom line for the military is that prisoners and detainees should be treated humanely.

Waterboarding= torture?---YES

After watching this I think it is torture. And it was done in a very sterile, almost relaxed amnner, not the same as the soldiers "out in the field", with all kinds of stresses around, imagine being yelled at-no, screamed at-in a language you can't understand, with other things being done to you physically as well perhaps. How wouldn't you volunteer ANY information to get out of this? Hell, I'd tell them I was Richard the Lionhearted and MAry Queen of Scots just to have them stop. I wish Bush, Cheney, Rice, and the rest of those people would go throught it and see if they like it.

Excellent Video

Thanks for posting this video. Its the best explanation of waterboarding I've seen. Lets help it to go viral.

wmnf supporter

in my opinion: anyone who condones the use of torture - like this - or any kind, is only proving how far they are willing to go to denounce laws and moral conduct put in place to prevent the sadistic contagion that can eventually even turn on them. no logic. no real respect for life. but they would cower at even the threat of their own ideal of justice perpetrated on them. what a way to live!


As usual the Hate America leftist would rather have millions of innocents die than lift a hand to protect America and the world from these Radical Muslim lunatics. The terrorist would slit your childrens throat without hesitation.. blow up a nuclear device in a major city killing countless peopple. But we cannot do anything to protect ourselves and our families. Wake up America we are at war with the Islamic extremists and the America haters here at home, who subvert our constitution and our rights to self protection.

No one can doubt that this is torture. Those who employ torture know it only makes the victim a sock puppet, who will say whatever you want. It can let you "prove" you've got "mission accomplished", while your enemies know beter.

purpose: to force false confessions

"Waterboarding" has been used for centuries to force false confessions, whether by governments on revolutionaries/counter-insurgents or by the "church" (during the inquisition} on heretics (read "unbelievers"}. It has been used exactly because it IS torture. And, as General Petreus freely admits, is against the Geneva Convention.